lisahlooMay 20, 2010

Hi all,

What do you think -- will Enziandom survive (and occasionally, at least) bloom in my zone? My site is z 6, probably the lower end in this particular part of my yard, and fairly shady. I'm around 10 miles from the coast, so I don't think I benefit from any true coastal warming, although we get less of the surprise frosts than neighbors 5 miles further inland. We do, however, have great temp fluctuations occasionally, particularly in spring (where a high of 90 one day and a low near 30 in the next day or two is not unheard of).

How about Blue Billows?



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I am frequently amazed by stories of happy hydrangeas in colder climates than my own. If you keep your eye on the weather, and give them some winter protection for the hardest cold snaps, I bet either (or both) would do just fine. I think the biggest concern might be just how shady your fairly shady spot is- but all in all, I say go for it!

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