Resistance is Futile!

smithstudios71(5)May 7, 2014

Now, why is that not the name of a hosta?

Anyways, I found a place that is selling 2nd year liners for next to nothing, IMO. I bought a few of each so that I can pot them up and take to the farmers market. When they arrived I could not believe the size of the plants. A ton of roots on each plant.

Here is todays delivery.

Bridal Falls, Swamp Thing

Aomori Select, Surfer Girl, Secret Love, Humpback Whale

Here is the root system of Bridal Falls

Last weeks order, Cool as a Cucumber, Lakeside Midnight Miss, Katie Q, Daybreak, Abba Dabba Wow, Pure Heart, Mighty Mouse

Here there are all together

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Yes, those ARE nice-sized, Devon. Look at that Humpback Whale... Very nice!

Well, as far as the name 'Resistance Is Futile' goes, put that in the 'mental filing cabinet' and when you get some nice hybrids coming along (I KNOW you will, eventually) there's a good name for one. : )

Don B.

EDIT: THOSE Humpback Whales, I should say.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I found a place that is selling 2nd year liners for next to nothing and you are not sharing the name? UURG I love liners as somehow I keep running out of room. So was this a local place or mail order? Great score. Paula

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Actually it is on ebay, goes by the name hostabargains. Looks like he used to be on the forum, a few years back. Excellent service and plants. I bought 2 Aomori Select for $2.99 each, when they arrived there were actually 4 eyes. I bought 3 big and healthy Abba Dabba Wow for $3.99 each. I also bought 10 Swamp Things and was sent 1 as a bonus and I only paid $1.99 each. As an added bonus the shipping was only $6.95 for each order.

He has a bunch left. He even has some streakers on there for really good prices. He has 1 Vivacious for $29.99 and 1 Powdered by Bob for $39.99. You are not getting the large plants like you do from some of our favorite vendors, but you can't beat the prices and the quality.

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