Falling in Love . . . with Bridal Falls

Ludi _PA_7aMay 13, 2014

For someone that normally has too many words . . . I can't seem to find any when I try and describe the elegance and grace this cultivar posses.

Lucky me, she has no problem speaking for herself. :p

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Ludi - I agree. Bridal Falls is a beautiful hosta and I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I'm planting it in the center of my garden for best affect. Land of the Giants is shipping their hosta late this year due to inclement weather.


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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

That hosta is breathtaking...just like a bride :)

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Don B.

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She sure is purty!

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Here is mine, taken today. Forgot to upload it to Flickr today.
It is pretty, but I am more enamored of Niagara Falls, the parent.
In my climate, the light margins have a hard time enduring the whole season. Or so it seems to me.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

One of mine that I lost this winter. I think I might have to replace this one.


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Ludi: Is that a hosta in the ground? Thought almost all of yours were in containers. A beautiful one I might add, with some flattering companions.

I had a BF picked out last week, but it didn't make the cut. I think I made a mistake!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

does anyone know if i have this one???


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jadie88(7 MD)

Ludi, considering the schedule you keep, you sure have a tidy bed there!

Bridal Falls is the very top of my list right now...though War Paint is sure inching up there. My husband and I used to go on dates at a waterfall called "Bridal Veil Falls," so he recommended that this be our anniversary plant this year. I'll take it! This is one cultivar I would like to spend extra on to get a nice sized plant. Any suggestions on who might be selling 'em big?

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Show us yours Ken,.... I mean your Bridal Falls.

I have it on order so hopefully in three years it is grown pretty . I love my War Paint and of course Niagara Fall like Myrle's

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moccasinlanding..your bridal falls looks nothing like mine?
I also have much wider margins as Ludisia pictures show?.. It looks like frosted jade to me? But I could be very wrong!

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UK, I was thinking it did not have wide enough margins either. Mine is a pretty plant, but perhaps you are right about it being a Frosted Jade or something besides BF.

I really do not have many with wide white margins, and do not believe I mixed up the tags. I don't have a Frosted Jade to check either. However, I can do some research on this unexpected NOID. It won't be the first error in packing an order either.

Well, I think I'll strike Bridal Falls off my list of hosta in the garden. Based on the pictures in the HLibrary, it has to be something else. I'll look at mine tomorrow, it is raining now.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Haha, Ken.

Ludi, that is beautiful. I love this time of year-making a list and checking it twice...and adding on and on and on, thanks to all of you. :)


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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

WOW! So pretty...I NEED this one for sure!


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Ludi _PA_7a

Thank you everyone ! So glad you enjoy her as much as I do !

Donna - So nice to hear from you !!!

I agree, this hosta deserves nothing less than prime real estate. Mine’s planted in the feature spot of that bed (which I have unimaginatively called Bed #1).

I think it goes without saying you need to share pics once she’s settled into her new home.

Lavendar - She was definitely named appropriately.

Don - Couldn’t agree more.

Esther - Think you can sneak one more by the landlord?

Mocc - I hear what UK is saying . . . but I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out yours being BF, just yet. You know better than all of us how certain types of hosta adapt to your particular climate.
I would wait another couple years and see if she doesn’t fill out her margins a bit more. It may be that your more intense heat and humidity prevent the parasitic tissue (which is what the white is after all) from forming completely.

Gesila - Without question . . . replace her, IMMEDIATELY !!! Chris is open till Sundown. :p

HostaHosta - Indeed, she is in fact in the ground ! One of 7 total that I planted last year.

However, about 90% of my collection still remain in pots, but that is only to hold them over until I can decide where I want them in the ground. I move at a snail’s pace when it comes to finalizing decisions . . . especially when it concerns the garden.

Having them all potted up also allows me the luxury of being able to move them around and play with patterns., colors, and texture before I decide to let them ‘loose’.

Did you hear that Phil ? I really am trying to get them all in the ground. :p

Ken - Given the fact that Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune have to align before you’ll post a pic of one from your own garden . . I would venture to say . . . I have no clue what hostas you own.

I think I misunderstood the question . . .

Jadie - I may work a lot of overtime, but I can always find at least 10 min or so to go around and rip out what weeds I can. I find it exceedingly therapeutic. Something about having the ability to remove unwanted things from your life . . . I mean garden.

Faye - I also have War Paint. However, due to it looking exactly like Niagara Falls for 97% of the season I will probably not purchase an actual Niagara Falls. Seems redundant, and space will be limited at some point no matter how much I try and convince myself otherwise.

Plus, I’m perfectly content with staring at pics of yours and Myrle’s. ♥

UK - So nice to see you made it through the winter unscathed. When will we be seeing pics of your delicious garden? Your White Edged beauties rival any I could ever hope to grow. :)

Cynthia - I try and enable as best I can, but shadow in comparison to Mocc’s influential abilities.

Linda - If you can . . . hop in the car with Gesila, she’s on her way now to get a replacement. :p

Thanks again everyone, and please post pics of yours after she sneaks her way onto your wishlist or into the shopping cart. :p

Always the enabler,

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gardener-in-wi(5 SEWi)

What a nice looking garden, Ludi. Your Bridal Falls looks so good. I am waiting for my one year plant to unfurl. I hope it looks as nice as yours!


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Ludi _PA_7a

Well Thank You, Terri

This will be the second year I have mine. I can only imagine what she will look like in 5 years . . . Gorgeous !!!

Do post pics once yours wakes up. :)


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bragu_DSM 5

Lud: how old is the plant?

gorgeous and then some!


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Ludi _PA_7a

Hi Dave !

This will be year 2 with me, but my guess is that she was probably grown for at least two years at Naylor before sold to me last year . . . so she would be 4 this year ?

I don't think the cultivar has been in tissue culture very long, she was only registered back in 2012. So any out on the market right now are going to be 4 or 5 year old liners . . . but that is assuming it was put into TC prior to being formally registered. :\

I might be talking out my @$$ because my face knows better, but it can't be more than 4 or 5 years old, given it originated in TC.

EDIT: Forgot to bold his name. ::giggles::

This post was edited by Ludisia on Wed, May 14, 14 at 23:20

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

Jadie, try Plant Delights. They have it in a 2 quart container for $20.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Thanks lavender! I have been eying their catalog thanks to some nice looking shipments on this forum...

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Hmmm, Ludi, mine came from Naylor in 2012, could be the first tissue cultures were not correct, and it is behaving and looking more like Frosted Jade and UK suggested for an alternate ID. For now, I've removed Bridal Falls from my list of hosta in the garden, and have the plant down as NOID....with Frosted Jade as the possible ID. I haven't looked at it this morning as I said I would. It was COLD this morning, and I have 3 orders to pot up, they came late yesterday from Avalon, Mason Hollow, and Sebright. I think today I get Plant Delights (just 2 new hosta). Only thing is, Avalon sent THREE gift hosta, 2 of which must be added to my total of unique hosta. I'm hoping to slip this information in quietly "entrez nous" before DonB or Jo or ILoveToGrow discovers them.

For now, a real Bridal Falls is out of the question.

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Your Bridal Falls is amazing! I bought one last year and it had one eye, this year it has 3. That is all I know for now as it still just has the pips. I really hope it looks close to as good as yours.

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bragu_DSM 5

mocc ... Coup de Foudre?



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Bragu, I have Thunderbolt, yes new this year.
I'll have to wait for another moment like the one with Autumn Frost, breathtaking for sure.

PS. I had to google the definition of Coup de Foudre.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Entrez nous my eye!. . . but you are being helpful! LOL
Mocc, you are a delight!

This Bridal Falls hosta is easy on the eyes, isn't she? Scrumptious pie crust, ivory cream margin, elegant leaf shape...sigh...another to fawn over! :-)

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