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Maggie4(4-5)November 17, 2004

I have been outside doing some last minute things and thought what a warm day in Iowa for the 17th of Nov. I realize that we have had warm Novembers before but I am always wondering when the snow will fly. It's anyones guess.

Are you ready for it? What day do you think will be the first snow of at least two or more inches? I'm thinking Dec 15th in my area.

Personally I can't wait!

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What totally amazing weather; 70 here, and I was wearing a T shirt and shorts during the afternoon, digging a new azalea bed. I still have bright red foliage on some of the Japanese maples, and have a few primroses blooming. Let's hear it for global warming!

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uicricket(z5 IA)

Nope. Totally in denial. I should be putting up Christmas decorations but I can't get in the mood. Besides, it wouldn't be tradition if we didn't wait until it was freezing cold and drizzling rain before putting up the outside lights, growling at each other because we're miserably cold and uncomfortable (and poor DH isn't doing it MY way).


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I agree, One yr way back when my kids were little it snowed on Halloween. We all wanted to put up the x-mas tree. we ended up baking Christmas cookies. I won't even start untill it is cold and snowing. This is why we live in Iowa. Right? I also only want to go x-mas shopping when it is snowing and busy. DH agrees to go, but isn't always happy.

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uicricket(z5 IA)

OK, the outside lights went up yesterday. Mother nature even helped out with a tiny bit of sleet so I'm feeling much more festive today.

I have to admit that shopping isn't my favorite sport. I like to take a Monday off and shop when everyone else is at work. Now I've let you all in on my secret. Every one I know takes Fridays off but Monday is my day of choice.

A couple of the radio stations start playing Christmas music non-stop at Thanksgiving and I hope they do it again this year. Makes for a great commute to work when I can sing all the way - and know all of the words. What can I say -- I'm a star in the car! Any other time I can crack plaster.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 'Cause I'm ready!


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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Dh put up snow fence and lights yesterday. since we been putting up the fence haven't had much snow. I cleaned up little more on some of the spent flowers. I leave the real seedy ones for the birds-winter snacks. Put all the yard decorations away. Wanted company to se new bird houses . Trying to talk Dh to take orn. grass in BIG container to basement. Says will buy me new next year. Might get 2 wheel cart and take to garage and put mulch bags around it.

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soobee(zone 4 Iowa)

Hah! I refuse to acknowledge winter! In fact, today (11-28) my husband and I ( was *my* idea) were outside in a light dusting of snow, planting the last two Super Bargains I couldn't resist at the end of the season half-price sales: an October Glory maple and a pink tamarix shrub. The neighbors--just getting used to us after our move to this small town in NW Iowa--are certain that we are nuts, now. ;-)

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