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rosekrazy(7B)November 10, 2013

I have a very steep backyard, part of which is lawn. At the bottom of the lawn is the tree line, which is a nice way of saying, where all the ratty mostly annual scrubby weeds start under the trees. And every year I swear at them when I'm trying to clear the leaves off the lawn. The leaves get hung up on the dead stalks of the tall weeds.There is a creek further down the hill, and we have to be careful because underground water sometimes makes part of the steepest sections break away. So I need a plant that 1) has really good root systems to help anchor the slope, 2) that is perennial (so it doesn't have to be replanted every year), 3) growth can easily be chopped back at the end of the summer to facilitate leaf cleanup.

I know, I'm asking a lot of a plant, but I'm hoping there is one out there. For once, I don't care about the type of leaves, plant structure or if it blossoms. I just want something that will define the edge of the lawn and help hold the slope in place, and then be able to cut it back hard so I can clean up the leaves. So what do you think?

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Are you needing something to grow under the tree or at tree drip line?? Asparagus has a huge root system and needs to be cut back after frost. It needs sun so under the tree wouldn't work. If you don't want something tall then again it wouldn't work. but for a perennial, good root system and wonderful tasting vegetable to boot about all I can think of is this or lilies. There's one other idea it is a grass but I hate it myself. It grows in clumps and about kills the lawnmower when I mow over it. The grass is called orchard grass.. It too has a massive root system.

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If you are wanting something to hold down the soil, is shorter in size, and a perennial, I would go with clover or vetch. It's invasive though, so I would not plant it where it needs to keep in a small space. You can also try to contain it by building a little edging on the perimeter of your grass lawn with stones or metal edging material. Wildflowers are also a good option. They will usually thrive without care and come back every year.

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I can attest Vetch is VERY INVASIVE! I can't get rid of it and I am trying.

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