does Annabelle need support in first year?

lalalaMay 16, 2009

I just planted two new Annabelles today. They're maybe 2 feet high. I've read about supporting them so that they stay upright once they have flowers on them--is that necessary this year? I'm assuming I won't get many flowers or major growth until next year--is that true?

For those who made suggestions on my last post about not overcrowding them, thanks--I planted one in front and one in back. I am glad to have had the advice.

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I planted 1 last year for Mom's Day - this beautiful lady is a fairly good grower & bloomer. She came in a #3 pot - a good headstart. The buds that came with weren't as large as the ones formed after setting in her home. I had to drive a couple of stakes for support, as we had a weird year of rain. Corralling with stakes & jute strings/nylon hose, may not be a bad idea when you see several bud clusters forming!

My Lady is so huge now that I had to re-do her wire fence to a wider circumference - you could hardly tell the cage is there, with all the growth thru the fencing!

Best wishes & happy season! Â:)

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