Ants in Horse Pasture

beccaandmatt(zone 5; IN)June 3, 2004

Any advice, experience, or expertise is appreciated.

We have an area in our yard that is part backyard (where the kids play) and part horse pasture (where the horses are free to roam) that is COVERED in ant hills. Just back to back ant hills. It looks atrocious, and there is no grass growing there because of the number of ant hills.

Any advice? I know having "some ants" is a good thing, but I'd really like to reduce this getting out-of-control situation. I absolutely do not want to harm my horses in any way.

Is Amdro safe? I was just reading that it is safe for pets, but my horses will be grazing. Perhaps if I put the Amdro in a container in the pasture? Or is Amdro a big no-no? Any other ideas?

Looking forward to reading any responses.



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I would call your local extension office for advice on this. Amdro is largely labeled for fire ants and I am not sure about the efficacy for other species. ALL granular ant baits need to be broadcast over your pasture.There are many that are listed for pasture land, but your best local advice would come from your extension office.

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Have you tried beneficial neamatodes? there is some work being done with them for fire ant control... and they are safe for pets and kids.

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There will be no Fire Ants in Indiana and I doubt that the lack of grass in the horse pasture is due to the presence of ants, rather the horse is eating it faster than it will grow. There is nothing on the market, or that is available to licensed applicators that I would put out there since it all would be too toxic for my family. The ants are really not hurting anything, much less than any "stuff" you might use to eliminate them.

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What I've found is that my horses won't eat the grass close to an anthill so I use a liquid poison on the hills. But, since my chickens are in the pasture I have to be careful that they don't get into the sprayed area. So what I do is spray the hills with a liquid ant killer and then cover then with a big rock or a sheet of plastic for several days or until after the next irrigation has washed the poison thru.

Works for me; your results may vary.


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The first thing to do is ID your ants. Amdro will work with some ants, but not for others. If you send me a sample, I'll try to ID your ants and we can go from there.

John Warner, PhD candidate, Entomology
University of Florida
Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center, Ant Lab
3205 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

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