Red Backed Insects on Clematis

blacklabJune 21, 2004

What to do...At first look I assumed they were boxelder, but a second look showed them as more red than I first thought. And while they resemble boxelder....

If they don't do harm I'll leave them be. (I have what seems like thousands of them on various clematis and living in my mulch)

Thanks For Your Knowledge,


Here is a link that might be useful: The Bugs

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BioconLynn(Zone 8 CA)

Hi: Looks like boxelder nymphs (juveniles). Note that their wings are not yet fully developed, but just wing pads. Take a look at this website:

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That Be It!

My flowers are being eaten but I also have earwigs at night...

I'm assuming boxelders don't do much feeding on flowers. Is that right?

And Thank You,


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BioconLynn(Zone 8 CA)

Hi Dax:

If you start getting very high numbers of the bugs, you might want to use just a soap product or wash them off the plants. Here's a brief website:

Otherwise, they don't usually warrant using any hard pesticide. They don't do any chewing damage (like earwigs). They have piercing-sucking mouthparts and could cause some wilt in high numbers.

Good Luck

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If it looks similar to a Box Elder Bug it could be a Harlequin Bug.

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BioconLynn(Zone 8 CA)

Compare the Harlequin bug nymph with the photo from Dax. Harlequin bug nymph:

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I am in northern Indiana, and I have never seen so many box elder bugs before! I have thousands, crawling everywhere, and laying in mounds, especially congregating at the base of my Siberian irises, and on a group of hostas that were new transplants last fall. Those hostas are kinda pale, but they are not bothering my other large shade garden. There are so many-IT IS SO DISGUSTING!

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Jonesy(z6 midwest)

I have had box elder bugs for year and years, they don't bother anything. I read that the golden rain trees attract them and I have one.

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For many springs in a row, I had millions of bright red eggs laid on the southern-facing side of my house foundation. Right after the little devils hatched, I used something I got at Lowe's; it's an organic (safe to use around vegetables as long as you don't spray directly on the plants) flying insect spray that I spray on them as they're lying in the sun on my sidewalk and foundation. It gets rid of them every time.

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