Some problems with my system :S

guygdevMarch 16, 2013

Hello All,

I've recently build a fairly large hydroponic system using 5 inch pipes with a total length of 8 meters divided into 4 tubes.. My first design was to set it vertically and set a sort of a "rain maker" fitting on the top. However, there were some problem because I didn't put the pots in a 45 degree angle hence they were leaky..
So I've flipped to an horizontal setup and planned run an irrigation tube(4mm drip system tube) with small holes but the pump couldn't handle it, there was not enough pressure at the end of the line.. I than tried a pump I had lying around which is a 250w 6000l/h submersible pump. It had the same problem.
I've replaced 1 of the irrigation tube for a 12mm sized tube and fitted it with 360 degrees spraying heads. This works quite well for the whole line but I'm not really sure if I linking 4 of those 12mm tubes will give a good pressure on all... what do you think? I'm suspecting this 4mm irrigation tubes are perhaps too small for these pumps..
another different problem was the fact that this larger pump heated my reservoir which is 60L big.. any recommendation for a size?

Lots of mess :S

Thanks for the help!


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It would be a lot easier to just make the water level higher and have it flow through the tubes. Look up the General Hydroponics machine called the "aeroflow." That design is time-tested and easy to build on your own.

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The things is, that the pipes are large, and putting the water level up would mean a lot of water in each pipe.. the system hangs by chains and I don't to put too much wait on it..

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GH puts a spray line inside the tube that has holes every few inches. You can use 1/2" CPVC and a 1/8" drill bit. If you make the water coming out of the line hit the small amount of water flowing through the bottom of the pipe, it will splash up and keep the bottom of your net pots wet. That design shouldn't be very heavy. Chain should hold it fine, provided your anchor to the ceiling is strong enough.

And your reservoir should be larger, 2-3 times the size it is now.

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Do you think my pump will be up for it? wouldn't I need more pressure for the spray heads to work along all those lines?

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They're not spray heads; they're just holes. The water bounces upward as it hits the bottom of the tube, and the resulting effect is similar to that of a spray head.

And your pump is huge. 6000 litres per hour would be about 1500gph. That's sump-pump size. That's why it's making heat, too. It's closer to too big than not big enough.

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