Leafcutter bees --- info please?!

lola1(z9 Cen. CA)June 6, 2005

Well, as I still have my own problems with Carpenter Bees (different post), now I have new nuisance. I was painting the fascia a couple weeks ago and noticed a small insect fly right into an old nail hole beside me. My first thought was, 'OMG, we have flying termites.' I know--- irrational, but it was my first thought.

I have since been told that this was a leafcutter bee. They often chew round holes out of rose leaves and use them to make a nest in existing holes in houses. The holes can be in any kind of surface. In my case, I came across 3 different ones, of which one was painted wood, one was unpainted and the last was stucco!

Does anyone know more about these? I tried finding info and didn't come up with much.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Leafcutter bees are different than the carpenter bees in that leafcutter bees use existing holes. They *aren't* making new holes.

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lola1(z9 Cen. CA)

Correct, they are not making new holes in the fascia or other surfaces.

They are making holes all over my roses and the bracts of the bouganvilleas, ala swiss cheese, though.

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