vandalous de-budder

bernergrrl(z5 IL)June 19, 2005

Hi everyone--I have some critter that is randomly munching off the buds of some of my plants. It must crawl up the stemm and then munch off the bud. So far it has taken most of the buds off of my turtlehead, some bee balm, and swamp candles, which makes me very sad. It has also taken off the tops of some very innocent-just-germinated green beans. The tops are just left laying there next to the stalks. Any ideas what the culprit is?

Thank you so much!!

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mysterybug(southern quebec)


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bernergrrl(z5 IL)

Thanks--I haven't seen any of those nasty things--they are creepy! Whatever it was seems to be gone. Knock on wood.

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I thought earwigs were muching my flowers as well , as I have many in my garden . My daughter was brave enough to go out at night and take photos of the plants and sure enough earwigs were there.
I know they ate my dalhias , I sprayed the dalhias with neem oil and still they ate. But on my other flowers I think it was something like a night catapillar because when I sprayed neem on them the eating stopped.
Who knows ?
I suppose I should have my daughter take another night photo shoot. See whats out there.

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