Best mulch material?

lgoldsmith(SW Iowa)December 18, 2005

Planning ahead (or I should say....dreaming ahead) to spring. We moved into our home this past May and we didn't do a whole lot this year. Figured we'd get settled this year and then get started with things next year.

Anyway, we did go around the house with landscape pavers and fill it with cypress mulch. I don't really care for it as a long term mulch. It was cheap and worked for a quick fix, but it loses it's color...gets so pale and sun bleached. Seems like you have to add to it every season.

What is a good mulch that isn't outrageously expensive? What I'd really love it pea gravel or landscape gravel, but I'm not buying that stuff by the bagful! Our local rock quarry doesn't carry it any longer so we can't buy it in bulk.

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whatcheer(z4 Ia)

That's really a shame you don't have a quarry that carries the pea gravel. I love the looks of it. How far is it to a quarry that does carry it? Some times a road trip is justified. I get mine here in Black Hawk county. I guess I'd let my fingers do the walking and start looking in the phone book. Good Luck

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I found some Black mulch that is not suppose to fade to use in my Hypertufa. Maybe they have other colors that don't fade. Check your local nursery they might be able to help. I got mine on close out (broken bag) at Lowes.

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