Transplant Shock?

mamakatbJune 20, 2010

We just planted a nice hydrangea yesterday, and now nearly all the the stems are drooping to the ground. We added some compost to the planting hole, then mulched around the plant and watered. Is this normal transplant shock, or something else? Is there anything I should do or just wait it out?

I had a rose bush that did the same thing, and now it's thriving, so I'm hoping my hydrangea is ok.

I'm a total novice, and I'm really trying to remedy my brown thumb... heehee.



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dublinbay z6 (KS)

How much sun is it getting? You may need to set up some temporary shade (a lawn chair or something like that) to give it protection until it settles in (2-4 weeks).

It wouldn't hurt to put one of those small metal "fences" around it to hold up the canes for now.

Patience for now--but let us know how things are doing in a couple weeks.


P.S. It would help if you could give the name or type of hydrangea you planted--and described the planting conditions a bit more.

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