WANTED: Iris exchanges/trades

lovelyirisFebruary 9, 2009

I am looking for several people that would be willing to do some iris trading this summer. Although I have a great many irises I would love to add some that I don't have to my collection.

At this time I'm working on covering a small rolling hill on the backside of my property with nothing but irises. I can just imagine how beautiful it will be once it gets established and fills in. I saw a picture in a book and of course the rest is history. I wanted to create my very own hill of irises. LOL I figure in order to cover my hill and make my rainbow I'll need a ton of irises just to get started.

I would appreciate anyones thoughts, suggestions, and so forth in order for me to accomplish my goal.

Thanks in advance, and Happy Gardening


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I am aslo dividing this summer and would be will to trade. E-mail me and we can set something up. abcdpapps@yahoo.com

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two other ways, go to your local iris club sales...deals galore there, second go to your local garden club sales deals there as well.,


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kiddo(8 Tx)

I have rock star to trade

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I may have some to trade later in the summer.

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

I will probably have some irises to exchange (or just give away) later this year (after bloom)... some are historic, but not "exotic"... i.e, stuff like Violet Harmony... for some reason I can't initiate topics on the board, so I thought I'd add my comment to this thread and hope that someone is interested. I really don't quite know how this exchange works, however....

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

aghhhh, I wish I understood the vagaries (sp?) of message boards! I just tried to post a p.s. to my other post and it refused my p.s. Anyhooo, I'll try again: one iris I would really like to get in an exchange is Stepping Out. I've tried to buy it twice at my local iris sale (well, I've since moved, so not my sale anymore), and both times, the rhyzomes I bought were NOT Stepping Out. So, if anybody has Stepping Out to trade or offer, please let me know. (the two places I order irises from do not offer it)

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I think I have stepping out that I could send you later on. After things stop blooming around here and I get caught up on EVERYTHING!!!

Happy Gardening, Marian

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

Okay, that would be good.... anyway, can't be digging them up until July or so anyway (well, here on the Cape, that is). Some of mine are starting to look like they are getting some black spot on the leaves already.... never had that happen here so soon before....

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YOu have probably had a very wet spell that lasted for a good while. That would be my best guess.
Good Luck with your irises.

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

Marian, do you think you would want any of the irises I would have to give you: Violet Harmony, Study in Black, Betty Frances, maybe Love Child, maybe Thornbird and Matrix Cream.... not really sure if any besides Violet Harmony and Love Child are historic, though.... If you don't want them, I'll try to figure out how to start a thread....

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

I forgot to mention that I also have Reminiscence (an MTB) and Glebe Brook (an SDB) that I will have rhizomes to give)

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