help growing collard greens on verticle towers

growupgreenMarch 6, 2008

My husband purchased several vertical hydroponic growing towers last year, and has been trying to grow collard greens. They grow great, but they are very spotted looking, and have a lot of yellow on the leaves. He has tried all kinds of two part nutrients, and still has the same results.

Has anyone grown collards successful using this method?

Is there a preferred nutrient formula he should be using?

He has used a 5-12-26 and a 8-15-36 2 part formulas. Some leaves are green, but the majority are spotted. It would make him a very happy man if he could grown them green!

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Looks like he's using flowering/fruiting nutrients. The first number is nitrogen and is what your greens need. It should be higher than it is in those formulas for vegetative growth. I started my sweet peas with half strength Eco Grow 10-8-14. They grew fairly well but had spotty leaves as well. Changed the nutrient solution to full strength last Sunday. By Tuesday the lower leaves turned the darkest shade of green and it moved up the plants over the next few days. I will change to Eco Bloom 3-35-10 after the growth is established for flowering/fruiting. If I'm not mistaken, leafy plants can stay on a growth nutrient with higher nitrogen their whole life cycle.

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Thanks for the reply, Is there any way to add more nitrogen to make it higher, without changing the nutrient we have already? What do you use to add more nitrogen?

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Honestly I don't know about changing nutrient formula's. Perhaps someone else will help out here.

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