Should I Move Them To a Pot or Leave In the Ground?

DesertChick2June 21, 2011

I have 2 hydrangeas that i planted in a bed close to my front door that dont look like they are doing too great. I just really got into gardening this year, ive always loved plants, but never did much research or made much of an effort with my plants until thois year. it has become my new hobby and im learning more about it every day. anyway, these were some of the first additions to my garden this year, so i didnt know quite as much as i do now when i planted these guys. i did try to find a spot with morning sun, afternoon shade, though there is quite a few hours of sun. and i live in the southern california desert, and our average temp right now is 100 degrees every day. i water them first thing every morning, and sometimes again in the evening. when i planted them, i followed the instructions of digging a hole twice the size of the rootball, and i put lots of miracle grow soil down and around it. i have fertilized it every few weeks as well. they are definitly still alive, and there is even new growth(leaves, not blooms) but the blooms have changed color,(rather than the original pink and viloet, they are turning green and brown) and some of the leaves are brown at the edges. i am wondering whether there is something i can do to help them out, or if i should remove them from the ground to a large container and keep them in a shadier spot, like under my patio. thanks and hopefully someone will know what to do! :)

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

Stop fertilizing them. Hydrangeas aren't heavy feeders, but most importantly, their first year in the ground is about establishing healthy root systems, not about top growth. I don't even like the idea of MG soil in the hole, but you can't do anything about it now. However, you must stop adding additional fertilizer. Just plain water.

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Agree w/ mehearty 100% ~ don't worry too much ~ looks like the site is good, from your description. Hopefully the MG you used is the slow release pellets ~ if not just water well to wash off excess.

I'm glad you're into this rewarding hobby ~ keep up with it!

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