How to repel Wasps (Yellowjackets/Hornets..) without killing?

actionclawJune 26, 2012

I noticed some Wasps (or Yellowjackets or Hornets...) building their nest inside and above the wheel well of a car parked, right next to the garden, in our back yard.

I know there is plenty of info about removal/destruction and I've seen similar posts about this subject (even right here in these forums) but it degrades into whether to call a professional exterminator or poison them yourself, whether or not to use gasoline in the hole, why you shouldn't ignite gasoline poured into the ground, etc., etc. I know how to kill them all. I've done it before and --if absolutely necessary--I can do it again. I'm trying to avoid having to do this.

I haven't yet tried to identify them specifically but, whichever they are -- please correct me if I'm wrong but-- I believe they're beneficial predators and allies in my battle against tomato hornworms and/or cucumber beetles, squash bugs, squash vine borers, etc. etc. I welcome their help. The problem is they'll soon take over the area, view us as the intruders and attack. They're welcome to come by to visit individually, I just don't want the entire clan (of aggressive, ornery, painful little buggers) moving in!

Is there something non-toxic I can use to dissuade them from from continuing to nest but without killing them; something that will merely send them on their way?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Actionclaw, at this time of year you won't be able to convince an active colony to relocate. Yes, these insects should be considered beneficial and I appreciate your interest in moving them without killing them. I'd make that decision on the proximity to human and pet activity.....knowing that yellow jackets, in particular, can become more aggressive as the summer progresses.

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In the spring one Yellowjacket, the queen, finds a spot to build a nest and then proceeds to lay eggs and the workers hatch and grow and then go to work. Usually by the time you notice a nest is is getting fairly large and is too late to try to relocate, especially since the queen is not going to move. I have not seen anything that can be used as a deterent of in ground nests once the queen has started building it.
These wasps can be beneficial predators, helping control many insects, including other beneficials, as well as psest since they are just plain mean when they feel threatened. Perhaps this link will be of some help.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Yellowjackets

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