HAVE: iris albicans (old white cemetary iris) & others

sylviatexas1March 29, 2013

I know it's the wrong time of year, but they were on the site of 3 very old houses that were torn down, & there wasn't any way to wait.

I'd trade large numbers of them for any *other* kind, named or not, as long as you've seen it bloom & know it isn't iris albicans.

There are also a bunch of unnamed yellow historics, the ones that bloom alongside the old white ones.

Some of these are separated, but some of them were growing side by side or got mixed in the boxes, so I can't guarantee 100% white or 100% yellow.

In addition to my beloved bearded iris, I also love Dutch iris & spurias.

I do understand that it's the wrong time to disturb your irises, so I would be open to any other plants.

You can email me at sylviaboardwalk@aol.com.

I'm looking forward to making a trip or two to the post office!

Here is a link that might be useful: my trade list-don't let it limit your suggestions!

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

DO you know the color of the Spuria ones?

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Are they the ones that dig themselves into the ground & they're sort of semi-rhizomous & semi-bulbous & their leaves are longer & slenderer than bearded irises?

If so, I have some, but I don't know the color.

same thing, I got them where the houses were torn down, & they had been there so long & had dug themselves in so deeply that the backhoe guy had to dig them out for me.

I'll be out & about later today;
if the people next door to the now-vacant lots are at home, I'll see if they remember.

aquawise, I did reply to the email you sent me, but it bounced back.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

They do tend to root deep! the Rhizome is somewhat different than the bearded Iris ! More long ans slender As are the leaves.
I have one Color that is white with a bright yellow splotch on the falls. They are slow to bloom after being moved. I have lots of TB Iris and I should have some extras come June and July. Here is a link to what I have so far! I planted about 75 new colors last fall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Iris

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I googled, & I think these must be spurias.
I'd bet they're the old Orientalis, which sounds like what you have already, but nobody was at home at the house next to the demolition site.

I do know where there are some bright yellow ones, & I think the owner would let me take some.

Your irises are gorgeous!

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I would take some of the Yellow spuria ones if you can get a few. I will put your name down to contact when I dig mine later on in the year. Please get some pics of the ones you got from the old homes! I would love to see them.

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I am interested in the iris that blooms with I. albicans (I.orientalis) and the yellow spuria. I have several TB irises (yellow, cinnamon red, lavender, Loop the loop (plicata), white), Louisianna irises (four colors) and other plants on my list. Please let me know if you would like to trade.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

When do the Cemetery iris bloom in you zone? That way I will know wt ones might work for you.

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Aqua, the albicans have been blooming for a while now, maybe a month, & they're just beginning to fade.
The yellow ones started a little later & they're still coming on pretty strong.

The order is usually:
Crimson King in early March
Albicans in mid to late March
Historic yellow about a week behind albicans.

Just let me know when you're ready, & I'll go visit the guy who has the yellow spurias.

Susan, I'd be pleased to trade, but I have the albicans, spuria Iris Orientalis, etc, now, & I don't have the yellow ones yet.

When did you want to make the trade?

If now, I need to go talk to the spuria guy pretty soon!

I'd like the plicata, red, cinnamon, & Louisianas, in whatever proportion & whatever numbers you're happy with.

Please let me know how many of the yellow TBs you want;
you're welcome to as many as you want, I just don't want to send you a million if you can't use them all.

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I have deep purple bearded Iris and would like to trade for anything you may have left.


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I am ready to trade as the Irises you want are blooming and I can identify them. Please send me your address.


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I have a very old yellow, a very old blue and brown/purple that can trade. Thanks Kathy

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sorry, I've been busy, just got back here.

I just got some of the yellow spurias this morning;
they've finished blooming, of course, but these are the most lush, luscious plants I've seen in a long time.

The bearded irises I have left are all mixed up & in bedraggled condition, & I'd feel better about waiting til I either see them bloom, or maybe til I get some more from a local trade, to send anything to anybody.

Aqua & Susan, please let me know how many orientalis & how many yellow you'd like, & send me your addresses (sylviaboardwalk@aol.com-sometimes gw's system works, & sometimes...).

Susan, I'd love to have plicata, cinnamon, & maybe Louisianas if you have enough. I'll be getting some crinums later on, but they're the milk & wine kind, betcha you have them already. There're a zillion of them, & they're gorgeous, but they're taking over the universe; I'll try to get photos.

Aqua, I'm hoping you still want some of these flowers;
I've been looking through your album, & I'm absolutely in love with...all of them.

so I made a list, like any greedy child at Christmas, & the only way I can think of to prioritize it, since I don't think you'd want to part with 80 pounds of irises & I wouldn't want someone at the post office to hurt him/herself lifting the box, is that generally, the older the better.

Prinzess Viktoria Luise
Alpine Glow
Rare Treat
Three Oaks
Rhein Nixe

Pick out however-many you're comfortable with, & let me know how many Orientalis & yellow spuria you want!

Margarita, I'll be glad to send you some spurias and a bunch of the "leftover" antiques for a few deep purples, or I'll be happy to wait til next spring, or I can send you some leftovers for postage.

Kathy, same kind of thing: I can send spurias & leftovers for a couple of the brown/purple (sounds so intriguing!), & the blue & the yellow if you have enough, or I can send you leftovers for postage.

but I'm really wanting that brown/purple...

Please let me know!

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anybody here?

Please let me know if you are still interested.


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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Sorry for the delay in responding!! SO the list you posted are the Iris I have that you want? I am up for a trade! My Iris are now done blooming so the can be dug. Some on you list suffered to much from our crazy spring to dog this year. Others are plentiful.

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oops, haven't been online lately myself;
hurt my hands & wrists removing an old sidewalk, couldn't even drive to the store or hold up a book to read, let alone work in the garden or type on a keyboard.

Yes, the list is what appeals to me the most;
but as I said, just put together what you can & what's easy & stop when you want to.

I'm going to try to get to my friend's house next week to get the yellow spurias.

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I mailed a priority package to you yesterday and have sent you the confirmation number by email. You should receive it on Monday.


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I have not heard from you since I mailed you a package of iris on Jun 28. nor have I received your end of the trade.


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