big fat hairless orange caterpillar in MX.

the_alpha_wolf_rules(z7 NC)June 7, 2004

I was in Mexico (guanajuato) and I saw this big fat bright orange caterpillar about... (I emphisize ABOUT) 3 1/2 inches long (again, it was a LOOONG time and could be a bigger or a little smaller. it didn't have any hair (or just a few but I didn't see any) and I think it was about to pupate.... anyway, can any one of you who live in texas or those southern states tell me about ANY orange caterpillar that's not hairy? (I've tried searching everywhere and can't find any hairless orange caterpillar! maybe I discovered a new species :P)

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rfmonaco(9b Florida USA)

Take your pick.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search

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the_alpha_wolf_rules(z7 NC)

lol... take my pick from which? I don't see any orange caterpillars, sure, the words are there but not together (ex. the painted lady is orange.... caterpillar is black) or something like that... or maybe "black with orange spots" so really there aren't any hairless orange caterpillars there (and don't try using quotes because nothing comes up)

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I live in Oklahoma found a black, orange and yellow caterpillar w/ no hair. Looked on the internet, there he was, don't know the scientific term so I'll just say he will be a swallowtail butterfly next spring.

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the_alpha_wolf_rules(z7 NC)

you know, it DOES have the skin texture like mine but mine was almost all orange.

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I found 2 in my back yard yesterdy. I tried to look them up tonight and found nothing. The two I saw were bright orange about two inches long and had a face on them like a goldfish and their skin was the same texture as a snake. If anyone can solve this mystery I would appreciate it.

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