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ladybugsmom192(9)June 29, 2010

hiya! i'm quite happy to have finally gotten one and it's gorgeous! i'm not sure exactly which type it is, i'm pretty sure it's a lacetop or mophead based on pictures and research though. it's a deep pink with deep green leaves and i got her from home depot.

now on with my questions: (and yes, i did search this forum)

- i'm anxious about transplanting it and am hearing conflicting info about when to do it - fall, or anytime if it's in a container to be transplanted. she's in a 5 gallon container.

- it has big blooms and big leaves, and upon inspection it seems like the leaves are blocking proper growth and formation of the blooms and other branches. so would it be ok to cut/prune the leaves?

- what's the best kind of fertilizer to use for hydrangeas in general, as i plan to get more.

thanks for your help!


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I would plant it now but only if its not 80 or above. Thats what our local nursery says but I have planted in heat , I just don,t ruff up the roots. Plant it in semi shade for your area. I like to move them around in pots when I first get them so I can find a spot where the plant is happy. If its happy potted for a week in a area then it will more than likely be happy planted there. If its to hot to plant you can also dig a hole and put the pot in it so the plant won,t blow over and it will keep the roots cooler than being in a above ground pot.

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