Will hydrangea do well in this space?

ordphien(9)June 23, 2011

Its a corner in my yard. Theres a 5 foot wall. And currently there is a 7 by 7 foot Bird of Paradise in the space. I hate it. But it has always been there. I decided I want to rip it out and plant something more appealing. I remembered the giant Hydrangeas up north in the Olympic Peninsula. Giant flowering things of beauty. Being in Southern California I don't expect it to get that big. But I would still like a healthy happy plant. I have a giant pine and a giant amber maple? in my yard that create shade throughout the day. I know that spot gets low light most of the day. I think the sun hits it early in the morning and about an hour before sundown. The rest of the time its shaded and get whatever ambient light is around it. The sun hits all around it. About a foot away from the edge of the Bird of Paradise. Would it do well, or should I consider another plant?

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Hydrangeas get quite wide so it may look strange to have a -for example- 3 to 5 feet wide hydrangea growing only a foot away from the BOP. I am not familiar with the root system of the BOP or how wide it gets. If the roots grow mostly downwards, you could plant the hydrangea nearby and everyone would be happy and there would be little root competition for food/water between the two. Otherwise, you may need to place the hydrangea further away from the reach of the BOP roots.

Other than that, the area sounds fine for hydrangeas if you can provide enough moisture for the hydrangea. But not too much moisture for the BOP (the leaves turn yellow).

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lelia(Northern Cal)

If, as you said, there is sun all around the shaded area, just little to no direct light, it should be fine. If your Bird of Paradise blooms, then you know you've got enough light for a hydrangea. Good luck digging it up.

Have you taken a look online at any hydrangea nurseries? There are a gazillion varieties and they're fun to shop for.

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