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SJmaterMarch 24, 2013

First off like to apologize if im typing int the wrong area. I am totally new to Hydroponics and find it very interesting. My girlfriend got me into it and would like some information i cannot seem to find.

I so far have a drip system (more like rain) and a pvc set up. there both up and working but more girlfriend is telling me we cant run them 24/7. but we are using gravel and we have the fertilizer set up 20/20/20 i cannot think of the brand name but the guy informed me that its exactly what I'll need for the plants for hydroponics. the problem with us is locating net pots so we found sum heavier duty plastic pots and tried to drill more holes but they have a lot at the bottom. the pvc pipe is 4 inches and about 2 inches is water. the set up is abit different but its also ment for mobility so my girl can transport to classes. my question is can i leave the water pump and airstone 24/7 for both or for just pvc from what i understand watching youtube videos? also the drip set up me and her have set up isnt light tight like the pvc setup is... is this a problem? Its a plastic clear tub roughly about 4 gallons of water and the pump brings up to a 1 1/2 pipe and then i have 2 holes per plant (5) its more like a constant pour on the plants but seems to run through the gravel and back down very quickly. these are prototypes and are in my shed for time being... i would like to go bigger and do more inside my green house.

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Running the water pump 24/7 is best. If the airstone is in your reservoir, I don't think you need it.

The clear reservoir will grow algae. You need something that will block light. Tape some foil to it if you have to.

Net pots are cheap if you just order some; surely there is a hydro store not too far from you.

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a soldering iron and some yogurt cups make quick net pots.

20/20/20 does not sound like a hydroponics fertilizer.

If the PVC system just has the water standing in the bottom 2" it would serve you to keep it aerated. you could either use air stones or set a small water pump to push the water out one and then let it fall back in the other side. Where it falls back in will create a waterfall and provide the aeration.

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