cutting pvc fence post question nft

csung1(6)March 30, 2008

Hey forum,

I'm planning on constructing a small NFT system out of PVC fence post, as seems to be a popular alternative to buying a system (this is my first venture in hydroponics). I'm wondering how ppl cut holes in the PVC for the plants. I've only seen one posting about this, and that person had used a hole saw. Is this the standard/only way that people cut the holes? (the holes im thinking of are for net pots to be placed in, 2-3" in diameter) Thanks all

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I use these.

You can buy one at a time also.

Here is a link that might be useful: holesaw

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For heavy weight plastic, the holesaw is the way to go.
for thinner plastics sometimes I'll use an exacto knife.
By thin, I mean the weight of a 5 gallon bucket lid. Anything heavier and use the holesaw.

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