Growing Rhizomes

vonmannsteinMarch 6, 2007

I'm curious if anyone has attempted growing rhizomes in a hydroponic system and how they went about it? I'm specifically interested in growing galangal, or "Thai ginger". Unfortunately the galangal available through local asian markets is not fresh (frozen & pre-sliced), so I would likely have to grow from seeds.

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It should be possible though I don't think I've heard any accounts about it yet. When I've tried to grow root crops I learned that you need to choose containers and media carefully to be sure that the roots will be able to push media out of their way in order to grow. I have heard of people growing potatos and sweet potatos in plastic 55 gallon drums cut length wise and set up as drip systems. the rounded nature of the container lets the media to slide up out of the way to allow space for growth. I don't know how well this would work for rhizomes but it might be worth a try.

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