What's wrong with my hydrangeas?

luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)June 17, 2006

I'm having some problems with a few of my hydrangeas. I'm mostly worried about my Oakleaf. It was so huge and healthy last year and now it has almost no leaves or flowers. It was doing poorly all of the sudden, then I moved it, bad idea. My 3 year old even says, "it looks sad." I see some new growth down at the bottom of the plant. Any suggestions? I'm actually considering hacking it down to the new growth and starting from scratch.

In addition, my Ayesha and my Nigra both have yellow leaves and black spots. I saw some critter trying to pull leaves together and then I found two leaves that had been fused together and there was some kind of egg sack. Do you think that could be the cause? Is this a pest I should look for and try to remove? Or is it just some benign creature who happened to stumble across my hydrangea?

I haven't really done anything to the oakleaf except water it since moving it. The Ayesha and Nigra, I've given some composted manure, but nothing else. Any suggestions or ideas on what it could be? Should I be doing anything?

I included a link to a slideshow of some pictures, I hope it works. Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Slideshow of Hydrangeas

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silvergold(z5a WI)

Not sure about the spots. However, if the leaves are getting fused together, you may have leaf rollers. I get them from time to time on mine and typically don't have to do anything. Sometimes I have had to spray them though.

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Yellow leaves and black spots: Sounds like BS, Black Spot disease. Usually roses will get it. Its a spore which lives on the leaf and in the adjacent ground. There are sprays like Funginex and others. Look up black spot disease here or the rose forum. It is a bit of work.

Critters? Yup, they will do that fused leaf trick. Hatch thousands. Take the leaf and burn it in a bucket.

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perkladd(z5 IL)

Regarding the oakleaf...do you have deer or any other animals in the area that could be browsing on it? They did that to mine after planting them 4 years ago.
Since then, I have protected the oakleafs with barriers and they seem to have finally gone gangbusters this year, and look so much better/healthier.
If not deer, it could just be a transplant shock/problem. Try leaving it where it's at and maybe give it some mushroom compost and water regularly this season. I have heard that Oakleafs take their time getting going, and I can attest to that. The last 4 years mine looked scraggly and sad. Give it some more time.
I am 99% sure that I have also fed mine Holly Tone, for acid loving plants. That may help too.

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