CF / EC / PPM micromhos/cm

plantboy_grower(9)March 5, 2008

I was reading one of the charts over here about what the optimal nutrient strength would be for tomatoes:

They say it is about 2300 micromhos/cm on a sunny day.

I've been trying to find on the Internet how to understand what micromhos/cm is. I have the bluelab truncheon meter, which has on it EC, CF, PPM (EC X 500) and PPM (EC X 700) measurements. Can someone point me to a link or help me out in understanding micromhos/cm and how to convert / what it is?

Thanks in advance!

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from a well known hydroponic magazines website whose name is prohibited from being spoken here, I read "EC, measured in mS/cm, milliSiemens per centimeter"
and from here i read "A new term for millimhos is millisiemens, which is the metric (SI) unit of expressing electrical
conductance. There is no change in value, just terminology.

Therefore you would shift the decimal place in your 2300 three places to convert it to milliimhos and the reading is 2.3 EC on the truncheon. Which is 23 on the CF scale.

hope that answers your question.

Just FYI, the google search words were "EC conversion" and "EC to CF conversion"

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Ok my EC is right on then. Thanks. Sorry, didn't find it the first time around but now searching for EC conversion I found it - great document.

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Yes NCSU has some tremendous gardening resource.
The university of Florida does too. Especially in regards to hydroponics and strawberries.

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Stuff is prohibited here?

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Apparently. the system would not let me make reference to a well known hydroponic magazine. and since it said not to, i won't repeat the name here, though it rhyms with snowing hedge.

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hahah that's funny, i need to try it out. growing edge

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China hydroponics CF truncheon YM-2005A

Here is a link that might be useful: YM Instrument Co.,Ltd.

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