I am looking for plants that repel knats and mosquitos

idahocowboyJune 28, 2009

I have a huge mosquito problem and swarming knats. I am looking for plants that repel both, and ticks too. I am going to plant them randomly around the property and especially around the house.

I have 10 acres in Priest River Idaho and it is very rural. There is no standing water to explain the mosquito problem. I am trying to get a garden started (better late than never) but the bugs are enough to make a person go insane.

I got a list of some plants, like catnip and citronella grass and rosemary and marigolds. Rosemary as I understand it is a tropic plant and doesn't do well in cold. Catnip is zone 3/4, so would it survive up here? I can't find a source for citronella grass, or even much info on it.

Any help including other recommendations would be great. Chemicals are out of the question. I can't afford to buy massive amounts of assorted ingredients to treat even just the area around the house, so planting plants that are self sustaining and a one time cost is the best option for me.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Sorry, no plants effective.

But you can protect yourself by avoiding hours the mosquitoes are out; use Deet repellent according to directions, along w/long sleeves and pants.

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Lemon grass is reputed to have mosquito repelant properties, but I've not seen anything to indicate that or anything else is very effective against gnats.

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Catnip oil is said to be more effective that DEET at repelling mosquitoes so you could try planting some of those

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Karen Pease

The research I've seen says that no plant in the ground will keep mosquitoes away -- even those commonly used in repellents. The repellents need to be on your skin.

There are some very effective ways to nearly eliminate mosquites from your garden, mind you, such as the "vacuum traps" that burn a little propane for CO2/heat and release attractants, then suck in the mosquitoes and dessicate them. However, those devices are expensive, and I've heard they're not very durable.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

karen and jean are so right. There are many plants that contain repellent oils but those oils must be processed so that they can be applied to the skin.

You can purchase natural repellents containing many of those oils, if you are sensitive to Deet, or are nervous about its side effects.

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