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arilbredMay 22, 2014

i have the following iris to trade i look for barry blyth joe ghio and keith keppel iris as well as shoop iris i am a serious trader most here know me for those who dont you might know my name Randall dixon i search for high quality iris my list is as follows

Afrosaib RB
Burnished Star OGB-
Desert Diamond OGB
Fall In Line OB-
Omars Eye OGB
Saffron Charm Rb
Shepaug River OGB- species and species crosses
Pallida (lavander)
and species cross

Alien Mist
April Jewel
Black Hope
Bye BYe Blues
Capricious Candles
Coral Point
Dr No
Flight To Mars
Galactic Warrior
Horned Lace
Hubble Spacetelescope
Lava Moonscape
Mystic Lover

Blueberry Bliss
Bubble Bubble
Chief John Jolly
Chevalier De Malte
Dancing Fawn
Edith wolford
Fancy Woman
Flights of Fancy
French Rose
Gypsy geena
High Master
Hold That Tiger
Jurassic Park
Lotus Land
Louisa's Song
Mind Reader
Owyhee Desert
Parkridge Challenger
Pure Sapphire
Rustle Of Spring
Sea power
Total recall
Trip To Bountiful
Union Pacific
Wintry Sky

these are some i seek

Alpine Butterfly (Blyth '09)
Coffee Trader (Blyth '04)
Dinner Talk (Blyth '05)
Final Episode (Blyth '01)
Glitterati (Blyth '00)
Hello It's Me (Blyth '06)
Hindu Magic (Blyth '81)
Pretty Witch (Blyth '07)
Rogue Trader (Blyth '07)
Silent One (Blyth '95)
Sudden Bliss (Blyth '12)
Taffeta Tantrum (Blyth '08)!!!
Treasure Trader (Blyth '09)
Tuscan Villa (Blyth '01)
Venus Bay (Blyth '11)
Who's A Toff (Blyth '04)

Strut Your Stuff (Black '07)
Wonders Never Cease (Black '07)

Marie's Love (Grosvenor '12)

Tennessee Gentleman (Innerst '91)

Sneezy (Keppel '96)

Classic Suede (Lauer '99)
Party's Over (Meek '05)

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Nancy zone 6

The only one I have from your wish list is Tennessee Gentleman. Please let me know if you are interested in a small trade, or perhaps I have something else you would like. I have many more iris than are on my trade page.

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if im not mistaken you are thurston and this is randall dixon i will look

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I would trade your Louisa's Song for my Wonders never Cease

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Queen-Gardener(5 OH)

Are you still trading? I'm new here, new to gardening on my own in my own garden, and I just bought my first iris! "Starship Enterprise!!!" Got it from Henry Fields. I'm so excited and can't wait until it gets here!!! I got a few irises in trades this year, a couple named, trying to keep them labeled. I moved into this house that is surrounded by a yellow and brown iris. I'm trying to start a sci-fi garden - I tried to buy "Beam Me Up Scotty" and a few others this year, but he balked at spending a little over $80 on iris. I'm sure that must show how novice we are :-) I was hoping to trade for the iris on my extensive list. If you're interested in trading with me, you have a lot of sci-fi named iris I'd love! I have some calla lily seeds, peruvian lily seeds and bulbs, and a couple other things on my Have list you might like . . . I noticed you don't have a Want list or email contact, so I hope you get this!

    Bookmark   August 29, 2014 at 10:03AM
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