HAVE: Mixed up Irises

dirt_under_my_nailsMay 23, 2010

Picked up some irises yesterday from a lady that was thinning her beds.WAY more than I need!! The only problem is...I don't know which bag is what color!! Was told they are purple,white,& purple with yellow. Can send some from each bag, so that the trades get some of each color.

Willing to take other mixed up irises,daylilies,sun loving perennials,plants that attract hummingbirds & butterflies, plants for an area that stays WET, or what ya got??



Will send out for postage too!

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Are they ruffled? Old fashioned? Tb? Intermediate? Mini?

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I don't know if they are ruffled or or old fashioned. They are a freecycle pick up. Sent the lady an email as to the style,but no reply yet.I do know that they aren't mini.


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Ok...here's the scoop!!The purple & the white ones are old fashioned & the multicolored purple are ruffly.Hope this helps!!Still don't know which is what though...


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