WANTED: wanted these iris looking for trade

arilbredMay 17, 2013

looking 4 these 4 iris if you have them and come forward
i would be generous i recently moved 270 varieties cant confirm ids on all yet waiting 4 bloom can offer these and more (at the bottom of page) tell me what you are looking for i have access to 3 more local iris gardens i can probably find whatever you desire lots of blythe except these 4 am a serious trader i will only send you what i have confirmed i simply ask the same i have no room 4 Noids also have here tom parkhills intros and access to his garden any seen chief john jolly
final episode
sweetly sung
stop flirting

partial list
visual intrigue
hubble space telescope
exotic isle
devonshire cream
parkhill challenger
edith wolford
wintry sky (to sweeeeet)
flights of fancy
hold that tiger
golden panther
high master
dancing fawn
lava moonscape
ascarii art
dolce (species cross by paul black)
coffee whispers

omars eye
falcon flight
hannahs prayer
desert spirit
old fashioned girl
saffron charm
fall in line
prairie thunder

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I just started about a year ago with a Irish Garden I was wondering if you have any advice on growing my collection and how to get the rare ones I appreciate any advice you have to offer me! I can tell you have quite the experience with irises!

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to start with trading as i am here is not the best way to get what you want. the best way is to buy from reputable gardens like superstition, suttons, mid-america. they guarentee all iris delivered to be true to name and grow plus most give extras. i have been trading here 4 years some people will throw anything into a bag and call it a name. old ones r hard (no photos) the best way to buy is local gardens you see what you r buying i have over 50 here that had i seen them in a garden first wouldn't be here lots of places use glamour shots to sell iris usely its easy to see the colors seem to jump off the page go to my facebook page key word (arilbrediris) look around find your local iris club and join

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Thank you for all your advice! I will check out your Facebook p a ge. do you know which GardenNursery sells at the best price?I am afraid I have quite a small budget to feed my flower addiction. most of my plants come from Garden Club sales during the summer

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cant promise that the one i would send you to has not opened the last 2 years because of drought the american iris society has a facebook page with so many gorgeous blooms you have to decide what you need and then google it check prices im sorry

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Sounds good. Will check out yours this weekend onli


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wanted to add to the partial list
ascarii art
total recall
bel esprit
artic fox
men at work
pure sapphire
stellar lights
titans glory

burnished star
lakeside elf
old fashioned girl
love flight
tribute to rex
desert trumpet
spirit of caleb
most have photos at this facebook page (arilbrediris)

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