Pruining Question

anderson_dc(5a Iowa)June 16, 2010

I planted three ES hydrangeas this spring and so far they have exceeded my expectations. One question that i have is a couple of the hydrangeas were hit with frost early this spring and now the flowers have all faded away and are turning brown and have fallen off the stems. Is it ok if i prune the stems where the spent flowers are located or will that effect bud formation for next year? The only reason i ask is because it looks kind of silly and isnt aesthetically pleasing.


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Go right ahead! Hydrangea macrophyllas should be pruned after they bloom. Reblooming hydrangeas are actually more likely to develop flowers again later in the season if you 'deadhead' them just after their first flush has run its course. Be sure to cut your stems just above a pair of leaves (or at any node) for the most success.

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anderson_dc(5a Iowa)

Thanks for the tip. I read on a website yesterday that it was ok to prune as well so i went ahead last night and pruned them up. No longer does my twist n shout and blue original look silly! :)

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