Blue Danube

macgyver2009June 16, 2012

I was poking around Lowe's last week and came upon a rack of hydrangeas they just received in 1.5 gallon pots. They were all labeled Blue Danube or Merritt's Supreme. Many had a mixture of two types of hydrangeas. I ended up with two pots and only one had a Blue Danube in it. The first...

I'm guessing this is Kardinal (they had a lot that looked like Blaumeise) along with a white mophead that I can't guess. The color combination was too beautiful to pass up, so even though it won't be bloom hardy in my zone, I potted it and will grow in a container for another year or two. What would be the best fertilizer to hold the beautiful red color?

The second pot has Blue Danube along with what looks like Harlequin. Another one for pot growing in my zone. Is anyone having luck with this one outside in colder zones?

I also came across a new Stargazer at Home Depot. Wish they would have had a Blue Cassel too. Stargazer is advertised as re-blooming and is very pretty.

I absolutely love the month of June...wish I could freeze time right now!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Awesome buys!

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Yes excellent finds. The Merritt's and Danube sold out quickly. Some of the Merritt's were the Ravel variety with pink/white combo flowers. Also some of the Danubes indeed did come in many different colors and petal shapes, which obviously meant they were florist hydrangea of many types. The sizes and prices were fairly decent but I decided I have enough florist hydrangeas and passed.

I will look out for stargazers - they are on my short list as I only have enough room left for the Ball Hort and Plants Nouveau selections.

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Star Gazer is better looking in person. I chose one that had a lot of buds yet, so something to look forward to. I hope it performs better than the F&E hydrangeas for me...just won't grow in my clay soil.

I'm running out of space also. I'd love to see some of the new Plants Nouveau selections. They were on the shrub list for a local nursery, but when I asked, they said they would not be getting any. Have you seen them?

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

No, I haven't seen them. If you Facebook Plants Nouveau, they've ID'd a grower or two that are carrying their selections. The catch is, you have to buy in bulk, so I guess you'd have to convince a local nursery (and a chain to boot) to buy from the grower. I think the one had a minimum $4000 order; and I couldn't imagine anyplace spending that much on hydrangeas alone, so they'd have to order tons of other stuff too (which would probably fill a 53' trailer).

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All here in Virginia I could find though marked Merritt's Supreme they were all laecaps at Lowes-why do they bother to label them?

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