pH going up

chinamonApril 6, 2010

i use 85% phosphoric acid to bring my pH down but i seem to need to add more every two days because the pH goes up. is this normal?

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During the vegative state, its normal for the PH to go up. Once the heavy fruiting cycle starts, the opposite will happen.

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thanks. :)

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Just regularly check it as well because you will also need to maintain a certain pH level depending on the plant that you're growing :)

Here is a link that might be useful: pH Manifesto Your Buried Treasure Of Growing Secrets

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Are you willing to tell us your relationship with A.N?
Just a fan of Big Mike or himself? ;-)

Some of what they provide is indeed a great read, but I am scarred away by there sales politics and popular-anecdotical way of presenting the stuff.
Example: they use appeal to authority (as in all the "P.h.D stuff") combined with appeal to sympathy, - we are all dumb, so let's listen to what experts say. Red Herring as in we provide best info and knowledge, hence our products must be based on that knowledge and have the same quality as the information we provide. But goodness, who the Frak needs 32 additives?! If all that stuff is truly and only based on research and scientific facts, why are they called Rhino Skin, Overdrive, Bud Blood or even Iguana Juice? In fact the most subjective and anecdotical product names one can imagine. Am I the only-one who notices the clear paradox here? LOL

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Sort of reminds me of the "snake oil" bodybuilding products, same target age as well, teens and 20 somethings with to much money. Some probably work but the dollars out way the benefits unless you are growing a particular cash crop, which of course is their target market.

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