Hydroponic Asparagus

freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)April 30, 2009

Anyone tried this?

I searched the archives and after reading through the first 5 pages of posts (there are 101 pages!), I determined they were probably 100% posts from the dirt crew.

I grew it once using flood & drain, but am now interested in using a multi-level, stacked NFT system with about 1/3 groton pellets in the bottom of the tubes. Asparagus grows from rhizomes and it's my thinking they will need some sort of structural support. That's why I'm planing on using the clay balls. I'm aware it's a slow-to-produce crop, but time is the one commodity I seem to have plenty of these days.


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This sounds really interesting, I love Asparagus but the work that goes into building a mature bed is definitely not inconsiderable. My wife and I rent and I selfishly don't want to leave behind all my hard work for someone else to reap.

I'd love to see some work on portable asparagus, hydroponic or not.

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waternut(North Central TX, Zone 7)

I remember the plants not producing the first year and taking a couple years to mature. But, with the space and time . . . yum.

When I think of how we let the earth grown bush in the summer, a multilevel system would be great.


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