Carcinogenic ingredients in nutrient formulas?

gardenweb88(9)April 17, 2013

I'm shopping for nutrient products for my hydro tomato project, and I see the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for a product from General Hydroponics. And the warning indicates the product may be carcinogenic and affect organs. Is this just a general warning that comes with all fertilizers or something unique to hydro nutrient liquids? What exactly is the carcinogenic material in the product? What sort of safety gear do you all use when handling these nutrient products?

In researching how to make my own nutrient solution I noticed some form of chemicals used in nutrient concoctions can be mutagens. The General Hydroponics product linked below doesn't seem to have any listed mutagens though.

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Not to downplay the potential issue, but don't let every generic warning overly scare you. Potassium emits radiation and is therefore a potential carcinogen. Whether that is the ingredient in question I can't say, but it does mean that bananas, high in potassium, are a carcinogen as well.
So as with all things, do more research until your comfortable with the potential or know enough to steer clear. happy hunting.

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GH nutes won't hurt you, don't worry.

One thing though, don't ever let anyone talk you into using battery acid as ph down. That is a good way to ingest some bad stuff, as any product sold as battery acid may contain up to 1% lead or other heavy metals.

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Nobody seems concerned about nutrient ingredients. Are you all using safety gear when handling the nutrients?

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No, I don't. If you have cuts on your hands, chem ferts will sting because they are salts. Obviously don't get it in your eyes or drink the stuff, but I don't think brief skin contact with nutrient solution is any big deal.

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As a hobbyist grower, I don't think the incidental contact with the nutrients warrants much concern. It is not like I'm picking up handfuls of this stuff to mold clay figurines. I use a spoon to put the fertilzer in tubs to weight them, then dump them in water. Sure I'll ocassionally pick up a granule off the table, but again contact is very incidental.
Well, I do tend to wash my hands afterwards, but that's a habit with anything i'm messing with not just fertilizers.

ETA: think about Chirstmas lights. Do you wear gloves to hang them on your tree? They have warnings all over them about containing carcinogens. Just a bit of food for thought.

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