ANTS - I want them dead!!

ziibiikweJuly 22, 2008

One evening I am watering my garden and flowers and everything is fine...the very next evening there are ant nests everywhere!! Literally everywhere....They are very tiny and red colored. I used a mixture that I got off this site of borax and powdered sugar which I thought helped, I also used bee spray (figured it would kill most anything if it could kill bees) and some liquid ant spray...I thought I had them, but then within hours, new small hills would crop up...what the hell kind are they and do they travel underground?? I only had one nest in the garden but the rest are all over the place. We recently dug up dirt to prepare our pole barn to cement and I have been raking and clearing small trees??

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This is an Integrated Pest Management forum not someplace to find out how to unnecessarily kill anything. Ants are a major part of Ma Natures recycling machine, not an insect that must be elimnated at all costs and spraying what you have sprayed is not part of the IPM program. There is simply no need to kill the ants you have.

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After researching the website a bit more I find that you are absolutely correct. I apologize but in what I thought was this forum, members were discussing getting rid of squirrels, etc and its wasn't necessarily friendly. I will find a different forum for taking care of my ant issue.

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