how to kill wire worms?

gailuvscatsJuly 11, 2007

Is there a way to prevent further damage to my large maple trees. ONe is on its way out, and I noticed the damage on the other for the first time this spring. I have seen the worms and I have seen the click beetle.

any suggestions would be appreciated, I do not want to lose these trees.

thank you

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

I've responded to your question in several other places. My response is still the same.

The wireworms (larvae of the eyed click beetle in your photo) are predators; they eat boring beetles.

Stressed trees are sitting ducks for wood borers. Unfortunately, those borers are often the final straw that kills the tree. In other words, the prognosis is poor.

To put it another way, likely something serious has gone wrong for your tree. It will be easier for someone who visits your tree tell what's going on.

You would be wise to have a *certified arborist* or two come for an onsite evaluation. You'll find listings in the Yellow Pages under the heading of Trees, Tree Care, or something similar.

good luck.

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Thank you for your responses. I can call an aborist, but I was hoping to get suggestions on how to stop or slow down the trees demise without having to hire a professional. I did a search onoline and did find a suggestion to make bait traps and destroy them that way. I am not inclined to pay someone to tell me the tree is dying, and I have wireworms. I know that. I am going to post the same question in the tree forum. Maybe an arborist belongs to the site and will offer some other suggestions.
thanks again

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Those wire worms are a symptom of the problem you have, not the problem and an arborist can help you determine just what the real problme is.

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Cultivate the soil throughly for a month in the fall to expose/destroy larvae. Get some chickens and let them run wild and eat the larvae (seriously). Bury raw potato pieces 4"-6" deep to attract the larvae. check every 1-2 days and kill the grown worms. apply parasitic nematodes to your soil.

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I am growing garlic for the first time!!!!I have noticed I have wire worms.I would like to know what pesticied to use that will kill the worm and not hurt my budding garlic.....

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