Flood and drain timer questions

dan_nz_gardenerApril 11, 2013

Hey all,

I have just about finished my flood and drain Aquaponics set up but am at a hurdle with finding a timer that does what I want. I have 4 bath tubs and an indexing valve that cycles through each tub. And bell syphon to drain each one. I have a large pump because a large flow rate was needed to drive the cam on the indexing valve. The problem I have is the standard timers only have 15 minute increments. But as the pump flows faster than the drain can take it away it overflows after around 6 minutes. So I need a digital timer that I can set in minute increments for all 4 baths and just keeps repeating.
I bought an HPM digital timer but astonishingly I can't just set it to repeat the 8 on off cycles. I thought this would be a standard feature on a digital timer.
Does anyone have a timer to recommend or advice please?

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I recommend you put an overflow pipe in each of your tubs that sends the nutrient back to the reservoir. that way it will never overflow and the 15 minute increment should work fine.
Overflow pipes are pretty standard in EnF systems. you really shouldn't build one without it. (what happens if the timer fails in the closed position and the pump doesn't turn off)

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I agree about the overflow safety pipe.

It sounds like what you want is a cycle timer. I put a link to some of them below.

Here is a link that might be useful: worms way timers

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Thanks for that. All tubs now have overflow pipes attached and timer works perfectly.

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I agree with the Over Flow pipe and might add a metering Valve of some type to restrict GPM flow. Most pond pumps are simple centrifugal pumps that won't build pressure. That is why they have Height restrictions. A simple in line Ball valve should do the trick.


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