Hydroponics Nutrients for Lettuce

guidetocebuApril 7, 2011

Hi Everyone,

i'm fairly new to the whole hydroponics system, and im wondering if anyone here has a recipe already for a DIY hydroponic nutrients,

i would buy a pre made one myself, however, since im living here in the Philippines, we don't have those readily available.


Thanks in advance to helpful people out there!:)

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If you are truly new to hydroponics, order your nutrients pre-made online. At least to start, even if the shipping is a huge cost. Once you have a good working knowledge of how pre-made nutrients grow your plants. Then noticing and figuring out deficiencies and toxicities is much easier (and problems in general). There are very few people that make there own nutrients from the start, and ever continue because of problems they cant figure out. If it's your only option, then it's your only option. But good luck.

P.S. Also don't grow on a large scale until you know exactly how your plants react to your environment/nutrient solution (If you plan to make any money).

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Kumusta po guidetocebu,
Do not reply to me here, but email me (with the needed quantity in kg or Liter of concentrate) and I'll send you a simple 2 component recipe of what many commercial growers use here in Thailand. Support for the making process and a contact in the Philippines of a person who went through the process of nutrient making (and finding raw materials on site) recently, included.

It's cheap and easy to make.


Please contact me @ "chiliparadise(at)gmail.com", replace (at) with the regular @!

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I haven't ever created a DIY nutrient solution for lettuce completely from scratch. Rather, I tend to borrow from the work of others and adapt the solutions to the needs of the particular cultivar being grown in a given environment. Good sources to check out include Howard Resh (he wrote the text "Hydroponic Food Production" and has a website with some formulas) as well as a new hydroponics text written by Prof. Gert Venter D. Eng (see especially Chapter 15).

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