Any one have any hints on growing Cascades?

lsuhostafreak(7)May 4, 2013

Cascades hasn't been a good grower for me. Anyone successful in getting it to grow well? What's your secret?

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Babka NorCal 9b

Under what sort of conditions are you growing it? How long have you had it? What makes you think it is having problems? (i.e.small stature, no increase in eyes? Weird leaves? Can you post a photo?

I'm sure people here will want to help you, but we need more info to do that.


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Initially in pot for a few years with gradual decrease in size. Got adequate water. High shade. Put in ground and as gotten even smaller over last 2 yrs. I put it back in pot. Now trying to figure out if needs more sun, more or less water, more fertilizer, etc

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Here is my Cascades last year before the drought made it go dormant. I worried over it but it has come up just fine this spring, so far. I don't think it lost any size but I won't really know until it gets unfurled and grown. It gets some morning sun and seems fine with it and I worried with it's thin leaves that it might burn, but it didn't. This is only the 2nd year in my garden so I can't say if it has any problems for me or not.

I'll take another picture tomorrow.


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Babka NorCal 9b

What did the roots look like when you moved it from a pot to the soil? Many of these white centered ones require more light, although I grow Fire and Ice here with the same morning sun as Remember Me which never gets white centers. Go figger!

You know, perhaps someone here will have some better advice, but after you have tried a bunch of stuff to help this hosta, it might be time to either dump it or try another one of the same. More than one of us here will declare that there are just some DUD plants, and don't give up (if we really like the plant) until we've tried it 3 times. You are only on #1. Your choice.

Oh, Joy.


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Jon 6a SE MA

Isuhostafreak, "Got adequate water. High shade."
I think 'high shade' is the key. A hosta with that large a white center needs a good amount of Sun. Try placing it in a sunnier location. I think that will help.


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Cascades in on the difficult to grow list. Pic below is from a tour garden where they grew virtually everything very well - lots of water and composted horse manure every year.


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And mine in May (third year in garden) last year. Fairly shaded with regular watering.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Put it in the ground and stop moving it. Be patient. It's white centered so it's going to be slower growing. Mine is doing fine but it's slow. I think I counted 5 eyes and it's a second year plant. That's not terrible, and it's in full dappled shade. Here's the biggest one I've seen. It's at Mason Hollow Nursery in NH. It's worth the wait.


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Be patient. Not a fast grower, but worth the wait.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I had a nice one and grew it for two years. Then,one year,it just never came back up. White-centered hostas,in general are hard to grow. Phil

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Ludi _PA_7a

I love this Hosta. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I think it is worth the extra effort when it is mature.

Steve you have linked that picture before, and I have been inspired ever since. :)

I got mine last year, so this will be its first full year with me. Being the newbie that I am, I ended up potting it in way too big of a pot with half top soil and half potting mix . . . it grew fine in high shade. Go figure. :\

Here he is last year, before I buried him in top soil.

This year I tipped it out of the pot as the pips were beginning to emerge and washed all the old soil off. I then slipped it into a more comfortable 2 gallon with real potting soil. It looks stronger than it did last year, so I canâÂÂt help but think I am doing something right.

I have to agree with everyone though, you need to be patient with this one and maybe pay a little extra care. I think I might end up leaving mine in a pot permanently. When plants live in pots you have a lot more control over what is happening to them. They are also a lot more work than those in the ground.

Like Babka said, kill it 3 times before you give up on it. ïÂÂ

Best of luck,


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Ludi _PA_7a

Double post . . .


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I bought one on a whim at the hosta nursery a few weeks ago and knew nothing about it, other than it looked different than what I currently have for lance waved hostas. I divided it in two pieces and planted them in 2 close but different light locations. Had no idea they were finicky growers. Oh well... I have had good luck with GE, so maybe I will also have 2 happy Cascades. Both look good so far since they have been transplanted. Time will tell.

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Looking good, Ludi! You certainly are doing something right...

Don B.

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