Propagated Plants slooow to grow

marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)June 26, 2012

This one is really baffling me. I propagated several mopheads four years ago from cuttings, a Pia, a noname lacecap and two Endless Summer. They rooted fine, overwintered in my garage and I planted them into the ground the next spring. Partial shade, deep watering, everything they normally like and respond to well. Well, for the past three years they have not grown much past the initial cutting size. The Pia has four stems now, all with two sets of leaves and about 5" tall. The others are about the same, three and four stems each, healthy leaves, but all about five to six inches tall... what gives? Why aren't they growing better and get more size? Is this normal growth rate for a cutting propagated hydrangea? What are your experiences with rooted cuttings? Should I grow them for a season or two in pots before planting them back into the ground?

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

A couple years ago I bought a few mail-order fashion that have the same problem. And yes, one is Pia. It's actually comical, because the little thing will produce a 4" branch or two with 1" leaves a (no joke) 2" wide bloom containing just a handful of florets. Water, sun, fertilizer, nothing worked. Next stop: compost pile!

I think they bonsai'd themselves!

I'd rather pay $50 for a 7-gallon than sit and watch water boil. Maybe if I fill their pots with water they will boil in this heat we're supposed to get in a couple days.

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marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)

Springwood you just made my day... bonsai themselves... ironically I also grow bonsai... so thanks for a new specimen that won't need all the wiring and

Well, I decided last night to move them to the far corner of my yard and let them be, why fuss with them when I can have larger ones sooner. Meanwhile we are getting ready for our own boiling water period... they forecast 100F tomorrow for Indy... that's crazy! I will have to water my hydrangeas a couple times tomorrow. Where is the rain???

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I have propagated many reblooming Macs from cuttings. I have never over wintered them in pots before. Sometimes they stay small for the 1st full season in the ground. But always by the 2nd full season in the ground they take off. My thoughts are the sooner they are in the ground, the better they will adapt to their new surroundings. Sounds like the Pia though might just be slow to grow and not a prime candidate for cuttings.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

I cannot speak to your particular hydrangea. But there is an old saying about plants, in general, that often applies: The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap! If you can remain patient, which, I know, is difficult, you may be coming into "leap"! :) Let us know if they do better this year.

Carol in Jacksonville

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