sawyer wood worms

BrendaStr(z8 LA)July 31, 2006

My mom bought some outdoor wood furniture from a man that was selling them on side of road. When got it home they notice saw dust on the floor around the furniture and think it's sawyer wood worms. They have sprayed the pieces with insecticide but still having the dust. I was wondering if any of you have seen this or had this problem before and what can you do about it. I 've read that they can stay in the wood for a long time and when they finally come out they can infect other wood around. How can you get rid of them while there in the furniture? Can anyone HELP? Brenda

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

If they're pine sawyers, they won't reinfest other wood. They go to recently dead trees.

As for the insecticide -- forget it. You're contaminating furniture you want to use, plus the spray can't get to the "worm."

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