Can carpenter ants and termites coexist?

phoebe_2008July 22, 2008

I am a new member, so pardon me if the same msg is accidentally posted twice. A pest mgmt company with infrared and acoustic technology tells me I have termites, as well as carpenter ants. The co. with which I have a termite policy me tells me I don't have termites but do have carpenter ants. They also say that termites and carpenter ants simply don't co-exist because the ants eat the termites. Does anyone know if that is so?

In general when I get 5 different pest management co's I get 5 different opinions, which makes me think the profession as a whole is either incompetent or dishonest.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Carpenter ants do eat termites, but it's still not unheard of for both of them to exist within the same home. A pest management professional needs to rely on physical evidence of these pests before diagnosis. I honestly don't know if infrared and acoustic equipment can do that accurately or not.

Our pest control company comes ready to crawl around in the attic and inspect every under-the-sink cabinet, etc. If we had a crawl space or a basement, they'd be checking those out, as well.

Have YOU seen any signs of either carpenter ants or termites? It would be possible for you to have the latter without ever seeing them in person, but carpenter ants will often make their presence known. You'll either see them roaming around or hear them excavating, especially at night when they are most active.

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If you do have Carpenter Ants find out why you have them and fix that problem rather then just poisoning them. Carpenter Ants are not the problem in homes but are a symptom of a big problem. Some where, in your house, you have wet wood that is attracting the Carpenter Ants and inside your home you should never have wet wood.
If there are termites most often you will see mud tunnels going up the foundation to the wood framing, usually on the inside. In my experience many of the "pest control" companies are simple out to seperate you from your money.

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Thank you for the follow ups. I actually only see regular ants outdoors crawling up the gutters. I have not seen the large carpenter ants. Thus, I went with OrkinÂs diagnosis that it was regular ants, and their claim that such ants can cause the little piles of fine sawdust (with tiny any remants) IÂve seen on my back porch extension. ItÂs impossible to know whom to believe. I have a termite policy with Orkin and they insist the problem is not termites and they tell me the dust is too dry for there to be a moisture problem in the walls. I get conflicting opinions from all the companies  leading me to wonder if they are either dishonest or, at best, incompetent. Even within the same company I get disagreement. Two representatives from one company told me carpenter ants and termites canÂt coexist. Another rep. from their company told me the 2 can coexist. He also told me that termites never leave piles of dust, which is what I see.

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carpenter ants dont give a d*amn, they will leave piles of food inside of books that are lying flat, if you find their food and they have stupidly put it somewhere to find then you can kill off a lot of them by throwing away their stinky food. As for them removing termite, I cant see termites, so I cant tell if they do, but they eat pretty much anything, not sure if the inside ants will eat stuff that moves around though.

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As I previously stated the presence of Carptenter Ants in your home is an indication of a problem with the structure and that needs to be delt with. Fix that problem and those ants will leave. The attached article, from the University of Kentucky says the same thing, of course these people may not have an idea what they are talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpenter Ants

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