Cuttings question

ohiojay(z6 OH)April 5, 2008

Better to start cuttings in rock wool cubes or clay pellets? Not having any luck with the pellets. Thought I'd ask what others have found work best for them. Thanks

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perfectstarts are even better than rockwool. You put them in your net pot once they have sprouted and fill the rest of the pot with expanded clay.

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I leave them bare and set them in either a well aerated solution, in a misting/aero box or an ultrasonic box.
Why set them in any media?

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I agree with Grizzman, a cup of water and a 1" airstone works great and is cheap to setup. The ultrasonic fogger gives me the fastest and best results. I also mist my cuttings with a seaweed extract (cold press gives me the best results).

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