Tomato Problem: Bending Down

waleedApril 19, 2010


My hydroponics tomato project has been successful for about ten months now. And I'm growing my second crop.

Today, Inoticed the top of the plants are growing bent down instead of growing up towards the sunlight.

Does anyone know if it could be a nutrient deficiency/excess problem? or any other possible cause for this?

Thank you,


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could you post a picture?
are you growing under lights?
what kind of nutrients are you using?
what kind of system are you running?
do you know your room and rez temperatures?
It is possible it's a nutrient problem, but I'm sure more information is needed to know.

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Hi Waleed,

It is really hard to determine what could be causing your tomato plants to bend down since you say that you had success growing it before...There are a number of factors could be because of pH problem, temp, nutrient deficiency and all sorts...please give us more info on it and as grizzman said, it would help if you post a picture ;)

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