Just how much sun/shade does hydrangea need??!

michele_1June 7, 2007

I'm just flabergasted trying to figure out just how much sun / shade my hydrangeas need. I have a bunch planted under trees, lots of shade, dappled sun, and they have just started blooming a little. Planted them last fall, and they have grown a little. I thought they would grow faster and bloom more to say the least.

I have more hydrangeas in the foundation beds at the back of the house. I guess they're not getting enough sun because they aren't blooming. Ladys-in-red.

Should I move them out this fall closer to the edge of the bed where they will get more sun. Or will I find them wilting because then they will get too much sun.

Driving me crazy!


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No expert here, but I have had good experiences with morning sun and dappled shade. If they have only been planted for less than a year, they may need a little more time to really settle in.

I know that, here in Georgia, full sun can be fine once they mature if they have sufficient moisture, otherwise they can look horrible. I think I would give them a little more time before moving them into that hot Miss. sunshine.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

In the southern states, you need to shield them from the sun by planting them where they will be protected from the hot summer afternoon sun. As you move further northward in the map, you will be able to plant in sunnier spots, to the point of being in full sun (> 6 hours) in the northern states! In Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Texas, we have to keep them in "part shade". The definition of that term means 4 hours of sun or less. For example: my plants are in part shade during the summer because the sun shines directly over them from around 6:30am through 10am-ish.

Growth is a function of many factors. The amount of sun is just one. The ones that you planted in the fall produced those flower buds starting in August/September, more or less. Conditions at the time in the nursery may not have been conducive to produce many flowers. Only the flower buds to be developed in Fall 2007 for Spring 2008 will actually reflect conditions in your yard. If they bloom poorly then, take appropriate action. Until then, do not transplant them.

Instead... Fertilize twice a year with manure or cottonseed meal. Mulch adequately (3-4") and maintain the soil moist, specially during the flower bud developing months.

As for the Ladies In Red, I need more information since I am unclear as to whether they were planted at the same time in the fall? Are you not getting any bloomage? How was your weather since Fall? How much fertilizer do they get? How much water do they get in fall? winter? What hours do they get sun?


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Thanks for the info. Some of my ladies in red were planted this spring, so it looks like I'll have to wait and see.

The ladies in red that get more sun are blooming some. The two in more shade are not, though they look like healthy plants.

The ones in dappled shade in a different bed are blooming a little, growing a little. They are beautiful, but small with few blooms. They are beautiful plants though with lovely violet to blue blooms.

I'm afraid they're not getting enough sun, especially the ladies in red.

How much sun is hard to gauge. The ones not blooming at all are planted around the foundation, so they get "house" shade. However they still do get some sun off and on during the day.

If I pulled them "out" further away from the house they would still get plenty of shade but more sun. If I do that, should I wait till this fall to transplant. It's awfully hot now. Would it hurt them terribly to transplant them now.

I want some flowers!!!
Thanks Michele_1

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