Hydrangeas SO CHEAP at Home Depot

wantamini(MA)June 29, 2008

I know I'm taking my chances on mislabling on both the naming of plants and zones, but I couldn't resist buying four lacecaps called Angel Lace and a varigated bigleaf (which actually might be a lacetop, not sure yet). Has anyone seen these plants? Thoughts? I got them in Central MA yesterday. I will be planting them this week in a shady spot around our backyard shed.

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They might be cheap, but they less likely will be blooming for you next year unless you are in a solid z7.
Has nothing to do with HD or price you pay, they are simply not bud-hardy below z7.

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Home Depot has a pink hydrangea called Hildagard--anyone know anything about it??????

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ostrich(3a AB)

I bought a couple of dirt cheap HD hydrangeas 2 years ago. They were in one gallon pots and I had no idea what they were... I had never heard of "Homigo" then... well, I have since been growing them in containers with overwintering in the garage, and they have been doing very well since! Also, now I know about Homigo and I am so glad that I got them! :-)

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Ostrich, you have a point, and a very good one as a matter of fact.
With HD and such, when I see something that I don't know about, I buy first and do my research later.
With their return policy you can't lose :-))
Not as long ago as today I bought from HD two Azalea lacinatum which upon research turned out to be a z8a-10a plant.
By any stretch of imagination I couldn't realisticly expect them to survive in 6b, though I have some 7a-7b plants growing and even blooming in a very protected spots (Ayesha and Nachtigale have 8-10 buds/each as of now, hehe).
I'll return one, but will keep another in pot just out of curiosity to know how it looks like and if it worth the troubles :-)

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gardenscout(z6 NE RI)

Oh man! Angel Lace isn't bud hardy for me? I bought one at HD too, and while the foliage is nice (big dark leaves), I don't need another high maintenance hydrangea. But I guess I could dig it up in the fall, lay it on its side, and bury it for the winter.

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Here's a photo of Azalea 'Lacinatum' growing in a garden near Hendersonville, NC. Some areas of Henderson County,NC are in Zone 6B, some in Zone 7A, depending upon elevation.
Don't know which one this is in.
'Lacinatum' is a hybrid of Rhododendron indicum, which is hardy for me and the var. formosanum (a tender one), survived an onslaught from Siberia, of -12°F for two successive nights back in the '80's. Had to remove the foliage, but roots survived and it recovered.
See if this is the one you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Azalea 'Lacinatum'

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I'm with Gardenscout. I hope HD will take back the plants, which really looks so nice but I really want plants that will thrive and bloom despite Central MA winters. Guess I'll have to consider Endless Summer or Light-O-Day instead.

On a positive note, my three worrisome Nikko Blues are sprouting early buds/blooms early this year.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I saw cheap 1 gallon Endless Summer and Blushing Bride at my local HD yesterday.

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Thank you very much, that is very encouraging info.
I guess now I'll put one in a ground and keep another one in a pot.
HD has to say thanks to you as well, they'll not have to refund my money :-))

Talking about HD pricing, BB in 5G and ES in 3G sells here for 19.98 and 14.98 respectively.

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suzyr(Zn. 9 Central,Cal.)

Lowes's are reasonable here also today they had 3 gal angel robe and angel song for I think it was $ 17.98 . I would love to have them but I just moved 100 roses and have lots to plant still the knucles in my left hand are locking and the right hand won't close in the morning sometimes seems crazy to make more work for myself.:(


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I brought back the Angle Lace plants this morning. A shame as they looked so healthy but not zone 5. Back to the drawing board. If anyone has suggestions besides Endless Summer, they're welcomed! :)

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If you rule out ES, to find RELIABLY blooming macrophilla or serrata for z5 is not an easy task, but here are the few that have a good reports from 5b:
-Blue Billow,
-Blue Bird,
-Grayswood (with ? mark),

All are serratas and lacecaps, not a mopheads.

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I just took a chance ... My mother just called from the Cape about some gorgeous hydrangeas and after talking to the owner on the phone, I ended up getting five mops that are supposed to start off purple and turn burgundy (obviously dependent on the acidity in the soil) and one traditional Nikko. The women said that her inland customers (Central part of MA) always rave about her plants doing so well compared to other hydrangeas they buy. She isn't 100 percent certain of the names - just that they're her husband's grandmother's original plants that they continue to propogate. Got sucked in on that one. Can't wait to see them after work tonight. I'm a sucker for the big old mops.

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simplycharming(Z5 MI)

I would love some of those "start off purple and turn burgundy" can you give me the info so that I can get "sucked" in too....lol

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Ostrich....I've seen the hydrangeas at HD and I only
bought four of the Pinky Winky ones so far. I'd love
to buy some of the others and grow in pots to overwinter
in the garage....sometimes, we get that late frost/freeze.
How often will I need to water them if overwintered this
way? Thanks!


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ostrich(3a AB)

Margaret, when you overwinter them in the garage, you only need to water them very occasionally, like once or twice throughout the winter so that the soil will not completely dry out. Your winter in zone 7 will be considerably shorter than mine in zone 5b! :-)

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Thanks! Looks like I'm back of to HD :):) You're right...
our winters here aren't bad at all.

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HI, newbie here. I recieved a hydrangea for Mother's day. The tag sayshydrangea macrophylla-hortensia type. The flowers were sort of a purplish color and as they died off they lightened to a sort of greenish color. They were the only blooms I got. I thought they bloomed all summer? I tranferred it into a x-large planter and they get a little morning sun and then shade the rest of the day. I plan on bring it in for the winter. Then next year hopefully it will bloom and I am going to attempt at planting it outside in a sheltered spot. So,is it not reblooming because it is so young or what?
Also purchased some at home depot 3/9.99. (I figured what they hey)They had no bloosoms. There leaves are green with some white streaking. I cant remember what they are called. They are thriving well out in the yard. Do you think it is possible to get a look at the flowers this year? We have a real long growing season here. I have ran around in shorts and picked tomatoes clear into late Oct. (and have ALSO froze my buns off in early oct LOL)
Any help out there?

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LauraKM(7 Memphis)

Lots of hydrangeas only have one set of blooms per summer, and it's hard to tell if you have a rebloomer without knowing the variety. The variegated (green/white) variety is Hydrangea macrophylla mariesii variegata. They are grown often just for the foliage, because they are not very reliable bloomers. I have two of them, and they always struggle, and bloom about every other year in my 7B garden. Still I love them. Here is a good website for them--hope it helps.

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I just got two endless summers that looked a bit sad at HD for $4.08 each. I will give them a try! I went to a beautiful nursery that had nice ones but they wer $50 and I don't have the cash flow for that!

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Good story-bought a Ble Billow at Lowes--well it bllomed and was a Niko I think but a mophead nonetheless. I sent an email--well got it free and met the store manager and got a wilted broken huge Ayesha for $5.00. Does pay to complain if labeled wrong.

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