Hoagland's Nutrients Solution. (Details).

azee_2009April 25, 2009

Hello Every One,

How are you doing? I need your help. Plz inform / confirm the following the lines in (((((((((( )))))))))):

Here is the recipe for Hoagland's solution that a Great Man has published on the web for a Great assistance. Plz assist for the lines in (((((((((( )))))))))):

Make up the following Stock solutions:

1. Ca(NO3)2.4H2O 236.1 g/l

2. KNO3 101.1 g/l

3. KH2PO4 136.1 g/l

4. MgSO4.7H2O 246.5 g/l

(((((((((( This will be our 1st stock solution: (mAcronutrients) ?

If I have to desolve above four chemicals in a seperate One Litre Of Water in a seperate plastic bottle? Four plastic bottles to desolve each chemical in a seperate bottle....?

If terminology "STOCK SOLUTION" means that I have to prepare above Stock/Reserved solution at one instance to use it in fruture applications time to time or as needed by vegetable plants?

How should I prepare my solution if I propose / want to prepare it for

1: R-DWC Bucket System (8 US Gallons X 10 buckets with 20 Litres reservior). Total: 325 Liters of plain water in 10 buckets & a reservior.

2: Plastic Bottle DWC system. (for each seperate 1.5 Litres plastic bottle. ))))))))))

5. Trace elements (make up to 1 L)

H3BO3 2.8 g

MnCl2.4H2O 1.8 g

ZnSO4.7H2O 0.2 g

CuSO4.5H2O 0.1 g

NaMoO4 0.025 g

(((((((((( This will be our 2nd stock solution: (mIcronutrients) ?

If I have to mix up above five chemicals in a One Litre Water in a single Plastic Bottle for preservation as an "2nd Stock Solution or mIcronutrients" to use it in fruture applications time to time by mixing it in "1st Solution" for each time just before use. Plz Elaborate.))))))))))

6. FeEDTA -

10.4 g EDTA.2Na

7.8 g FeSO4.7H2O

56.1 g KOH

Make up 1 L of KOH, adjust pH to ~5.5 using H2SO4. Then add EDTA.2Na and FeSO4.7H2O.

(((((((((( This will be our 3rd stock solution: (FeEDTA.) ?

If above all three solutions will be called "Stock Solutions"? ))))))))))

To make 1 L Hoagland's solution from these stocks, add

7 ml Ca(NO3)2 stock

5 ml KNO3

2 ml KH2PO4

2 ml MgSO4

1 ml Trace elements

1 ml FeEDTA

to 1 L water.

Looking forward for a help.

Prior thanks


Here is a link that might be useful: One can also visit Link:

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Hi azee,
Your chemical formulas numbered (by you) 1 - 6 are each a "stock".
You only mix together those chemicals that Hoagland tells you to put in a single stock.
You are supposed to keep these 6 stocks separate until ready to use.
When ready to fertilize, then you mix the ratio of mL Hoagland specifies of each stock together into each 1 liter of water.
The stock bottles made up are for you to come & get the fertilizer you need. But, they keep their individual chemical properties best if are not all stored mixed together in one bottle.
I did not do the calculation of ppm (parts per million, of total dissolved solids in the water) this fertilizer will equal. This seems like a general formula.
(When you research more you will find that ppm for individual types of crops is something you can fine tune. With your stocks made up, & kept separate, you will then be able to adjust the individual ppm nutrient ratios you add to the water.)
You asked how much to use in your different reservoirs.
The short answer is: at first make each reservoir have a nutrient solution, containing all the specific ml of all the stocks, in the ratios of concentration that Hoagland said to add to each litre of water you want to have.

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