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Mycle2313(8)April 1, 2014

So my garden looks great. However i am trying to mix and match my plants into one system. PH is my problem. All but my Cucumber and Blue Berries like the 6.0 to 6.5 swing. I'm bottle feeding the Blueberry a few times a day. Which it seems to like. However, my question, can and will the cucumber survive on 6.0 or should i keep them separate or "thinking out of the pipe" does anyone have a solution?

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Plant the blueberries in the ground. Nobody will give a long term plant the care a hydro system requires indefinitely. That is purely an observation of human nature. If you plant it in the ground, it will survive human neglect.
Cucumbers should be fine in a pH of 6.0

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

Agree completely w/ Grizz - about long term berry care! It takes just one absence or lazy spell to throw away 6 months of heart and soul you got into them! Would love to see a pic anytime you get a chance since I like what you've built a lot. restling with my own hoop tunnel right now, don't know if you will be using your hoops now in warmer weather

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Will do. I plan on keeping the hoops us so that if necesary I will use them to hold up the shade cloth. Not sure if a shade cloth is necessary with hydroponics but i can only expect 100 degree heat is to come. Like to get your thoughts. Also I started to place blocks around my reservoir and will add dirt between it to help with the heat. I also hope a couple t-posts will hold the barrel down the next time it rains HARD.

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

My thoughts, well Summer here is always a failure, so shade cloth is what's behind my tunnel and new fight against nature with my new tomato thingy which I know from the start doesn't have a great chance to work in this weather. I'm just going to mohawk the minimum shade cloth on top of the hoops to cover during the hot part of the day, at least that's the plan. But my situation is usually worse because the humidity is out of hand here and it is always raining. So I got to put some plastic under the shade cloth, enough to keep the rain from keeping the leaves wet, but have as much ventilation as possible because wet leaves in this humidity and no super ventilation = infected dead plants. I'm the one who needs the suggestion!

If my tomato project meets disaster, maybe I'll try one like yours after playing hoops. Mid-day Texas Sun is going to cook the heck out of the roots though for you. Did you paint yours or do you think you want to put foil around it? Small projects are real inefficient when it comes to braving the summer. I considered making free standing 10 ft PVC shade cloth roofed cubes but it would probably take off into the neighbor's pool or something. Eventually I decided on the hoop tunnel for stability and cost reasons to hold my shade cloth like that.

Another idea about the res that bobbs out in the floods, if you don't mind pouring a bag or two of concrete into a frame and set a big version of a deadbolt with maybe two pieces of bent rebar. When you wanted you could arm the dead bolt thing with the rod going over the reservoir ;-), or just be sure that the res is topped off as much as you feel comfortable adding, and not let a storm catch you when it's getting low.

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This is what i have in my system. Thoughts anyone. I have dropped the ph during the nute change to 5.5 to 5.8. Will try and keep it between 5.5 and 6.2 this week and see how everything looks. Right now before I dropped the ph to 6 the cucumbers seemed to be dormant. Now they look to be enjoying the nute change. Update tomorrow.

Plants PH PPM
Broccoli 6.0-6.5 1960-2450
Cucumber 5.5 1190-1750
Garlic 6.0 980-1260
Lettuce 6.0-7.0 560-840
White Onions 6.0-6.7 980-1260
Snap Pea 6.0-7.0 980-1260
Spinach 6.0-7.0 980-1260
Sweet Corn 6.0 840-1680
Tomato (Roma) 6.0-6.5 1400-3500
Zucchini 6.0 1260-1680
Basil 5.5-6.5 700-1120
Strawberries 6.0 1260-1540
Melon 5.5-6.0 1400-1750
Spaghetti Squash ???? ?????
Edaname ???? ?????
Cilantro 5.5-6.0? 700-1120?
Thyme 5.5-7.0? 560-1120?
Dill 6.4-6.8? 700-980?
Green Onions 6.0-6.7 980-1260
Red Onions 6.0-6.7 980-1260
Bell peppers 6.0-6.5
Habanero Peppers 6.0-6.5
Jalapenos 6.0-6.5

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