Oy vey! A squirrel dug out my Holy Mouse Ears!

esther_bMay 13, 2014

I came home tonight after a horrid day at school (kids were holding a competition as to who could be the most utterly disrespectful...) to find my dear little Holy Mouse Ears dug out of its hole in the ceramic pot, laying on its side and its leaves all wilted. The root ball was pretty dry.

I replanted it instantly and watered my whole garden, especially the ceramic pot, very thoroughly.

Do you think it can come back? I put some fist-sized rocks I'd dug out of the contractor fill soil all around the surface of the soil in the ceramic pot, around the hostas in it, so the squirrels would have to become weightlifters to dig in the soil again. It was that or use the same rocks to bash their little skulls in. Every single day I come home to find yet more divots in my garden, often having dislodged plants like this. Four different commercial repellents have been totally ineffective.

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I'm for "bash their little skulls in". They are always dumping out something that dries out before you find it. I had a Radiant Edger that got dumped so many times, I gave up and threw it away.

Go for it!


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Time to call in my cousin's kid. He ain't poddy-trained yet, but he's a good shot, real good shot...as long as he's dry. Might have to check his diapees every so often. But this kid can get rid of your squirrels, yes he can.

He loves his Froot Loops with a couple extra scoops of sugar in the bowl, and his name is Lil Bubba. When he grows up his name'll be Bubba Lil heh jest like his brother, uh, daddy...I meant Daddy... heh heh heh

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Naw. You can plainly see that the support for the rifle comes to a pointy angle. And you KNOW he co-op manager would go nuts over anything pointy in the garden. Remember how he insisted I make the very dangerous Adirondack fencing safe last year? Bring this pointy thang into the garden and he'd go nuts! Besides, the bullets might hit the building and take out chunks of the brick. Then our maintenance charges would go up again for an "assessment". Oh, and the "landscape workers" Mow & Blow might trip over the rifle, or the kid, and then our insurance costs would go up.

Better to have my garden decimated by squirrels than attempt a lasting solution.

I'm still rootin' for the redtail hawks that live at the end of the block on a college campus.

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Esther! Remember the crushed red pepper trick. Squirrels do not like hot pepper apparently.

And you are talking about Big Red on the Cornell campus. It is a great live cam to watch.

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I tried the red pepper flakes first off. Squirrels totally ignored it, but it made ME water up. I am not talking about Big Red on Cornell campus, because that's in Ithaca, NY, way upstate. No, we have a city college right at the end of the block. The bane of my existence living here, as the students take up 99% of the parking until like 8 p.m.

There is at least one pair of redtail hawks living on that campus, as well as Italian Wall lizards. Saw some of the lizards a couple weeks ago on the campus when I went through the gate to admire a redtail on a low branch.

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bragu_DSM 5

moth balls for the pot? Or is that just rabbits ...

dave b

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Actually, I tried the big rocks and it worked fairly well. Just remember it acts like a mulch and and your pot will stay wetter.


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I am still having a problem breathing, because I brought home some habanero peppers about an hour ago, chopped them up (wearing heavy rubber gloves) and distributed the bits around my garden. Take THAT, you crummy squirrel-vandals.

Can squirrels break off small branches from a dwarf spirea bush and a rose bush? I found a fairly substantial bushy piece of my dwarf spirea on the ground the other day, and two 6" pieces of thin stem from my new rose bush. Just another reason to sprinkle habanero peppers on the garden. You see any squirrels with Kleenex, you'll know them's my perps.

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Esther, you're a better man than I, dealing with habaneros. Especially with the seeds in fresh plants, those squirrels will wind up with a snoot full of HOT. On their little toes too.

Maybe the seeds will grow and make more pepper plants in your garden. Provide a little bit of shade for your small hosta.

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